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  1. Would you please define "sequential swing " I wish to ask you a question but need to be sure of how you personally would draw your swings first. Thank you.
  2. Funny story...... bought and read 4 of Joe Ross' books. Sold them off through amazon, one of the people who bought one of his books from me was Conrad Black!!! Had to send it to him while he was in prison in Florida. Hope it works for him!!
  3. Onesmith, we've all been put down and rode over on this site and potentially done it to others, knowingly or not. Let it go, forget about it and become an accepted part of this community by doing so. The friendship and comradery found here far outweighs the bad and if you show yourself to be mature in this matter it'll only pay you back. All the best
  4. The June Dow futures contract should be traded from the long side until and after it breaks above 14,823, and as long as it does not move below 14,626 after breaking above 14,823. IMHO. If you've taken profit on your first contract at 14,698 after buying at 14,505 then use a conservative protective stop now at 14,626 in order to guard your profits as you trade with 14,823 in mind. All the best.
  5. Those trend lines can bite you for sure, there's no way you're still in that trade!
  6. Thanks Db, I'll read through the thread for sure. All the best. Note: if anyone else has suggestions on resources, please let me know via PM and I'll add it/them to this thread. Thx
  7. Wondering if any people interested in Wyckoff are going to read or have read,"Trades About to Happen: A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method," by David Weis. Looks like it might be good. I'm thinking of purchasing it but am looking for some input first. Thanks I haven't read it, but knowing what I know about Weis' approach, it appears that the "thrust" of the book is not substantially different from that in the Trading in Foresight thread here. And whereas Weis' book is $46, the TIF thread is free. If one knows how to draw a box and a straight line, there's no great mystery to this. The challenge is accepting how ridiculously simple it is.
  8. I refer to the last line of your post, "Context is king" Please understand the advice is concerning buying long only contracts as price moves down. A protection against stagnation is to write a call option. If price moves down, it works for you, if price does nothing it works for you, if price moves up you are selling your contracts which you had bought as price previously moved down. Just my opinion.
  9. Your method is outlined in the book "vibratrading". This is not new. Hedging your positions by writing options is how he deals with price stagnating in his buy only vibratrading system. Have you read this book?
  10. Still sticking with my original call on this one, sorry but trendlines are too subjective an art to believe in or quantify in my opinion. 14698 then 14823. The ES broke out of its downtrend above 1570.75, but nothing to lean on yet for a trade on the long side. Just my opinion.
  11. Same trade is still on. New stop at 14393. Same entry as before, same targets. Such is the nature of the markets, no predicting, only preparing. One thing has changed, you are now with the strong longs if you are in this trade, all weak longs have been shaken off, watch for price to move up quickly!
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