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  1. UrmaBlume Great explanation with charts Have a question: attached 5min charts of Russell, Dax Here you will observe there are spikes in vol at price levels where sellers are overwhelming the bars and when these levels are tested again there are obviously not many buyers left, hence providing high probability short opportunities. Recognise that more time has elapsed on these charts, however these opportunities can be recognised without resorting to breaking down the vol into sell or buy vol. Would you care to elaborate on this aspect, since you obviously have more inside knowledge on the workings of volume relative to price.
  2. Thanks Blowfish Think it all reflects on Al's integrity, shows that he is a genuine trader, he could have easily gone on to establish trading rooms and pulled in a crowd. Afterall he already has a large following. The book is not particularly well written and also the layout need much to be desired, however it is packed with gems of price observations devoid of any indicators. It would be great if Al could be persuaded to post some end of day charts with his comments, would prove highly educational.
  3. Great Post rigel, I too am waiting for some input from RM686, quite keen to see what a trader with 30-40yrs experience has to say about his own edges.
  4. On the chart of 3rd August, on Al Brooks site there are following abbreviations: G ET ET W HL ?tri G H2 ET Does anybody know what these stand for.
  5. Had problems viewing the charts "analysis of 30th and 31st July", ie. the charts were not downloading, although the commentary came through o.k, either the server of Al's website, or some blocking on my computer. Would appreciate if you could view the chart , to download and paste it here.
  6. Db Would appreciate if you could with the help of a chart expand on how a 1tick chart compared to 5sec chart would allow one to gain further insight into what other traders are doing.
  7. forrestang, Notice you have used 10000vol and 5tic charts similar to Dbphoenix on Nasdaq. Think Db though employs 5sec charts, have you noticed much difference between 5sec and 5tic and any particular reason for using 5tic charts as compared to say 1min chart.
  8. Zdo why do you think he posted it if the intention was not to help? From what I have seen of Db's posts, at least they have substance and value ie. I can look at charts and verify what is being stated. This is a beginner's forum and I am sure any newcomer would appreciate that, whether you find any value or not is irrelevant.
  9. You are right Blowfish, The book can be difficult for a total beginner. The setups do materialise day in and day out and as rigel pointed out Al does look at Support/Resistance levels, clearly evident in the Best Trades chapter right across various timeframes. And also a good point by rigel, Al has been looking at these various timeframe charts and analysing them daily and hence has been able to reach a stage where he is able to trade only from 5min charts, but somewhere I think he still mentions printing out lower timeframe charts at the end of the day for analysis.
  10. Thanks for the explanation. Anything that helps understanding price behavior is useful and provides an extra edge to a trader , there is no need to be blinkered in this business. If somebody does not find use of S/R or volume, leave it out of your trading. Personally have no problem incorporating sound, logical concepts. Think it is totally childish to squabble over my and your thread. As for the many Al brooks setups, it is relatively easy to mark them up in hindsight, like all patterns and indicators, but in realtime it is not that easy to read and act upon with confidence but if these patterns setup against some of the significant support/resistance levels that would certainly provided that much needed confidence.
  11. Don't think there is any particular trading platform designed for VSA nor is it necessary. TP are for entering orders, any signals relating to price/vol will be on charts. Try infinity AT with sierra charts, any bar or candlestick chart with volume histogram.
  12. Thales You certainly have valid points regarding S/R and mechanical setups. You mentioned that not all pivots, S/R are significant. How do you you determine which ones are and ignore the others? Secondly do you identify support/resistance levels on the timeframe chart you trade with eg. 5min or refer to say 15min or 60min to determine those levels. Dbphoenix, Could you expand on the importance of the levels you mention ie. 890-892, What does it mean and what to do about it? Premarket ES found support around 890 and prices rose to 898 before retreating
  13. Could you elaborate on this with a chart. Do you mean going long on the breakout of the high of the first 5min bar. If so, would appreciate if you point out the chapter or pages on which Al Brooks explains this strategy. I am still in the first few chapters.
  14. Thanks Frank, Actually for exits, there are some excellent pointers on the Wyckoff forum with the use of trendlines.
  15. Frank, Interesting analysis, What tactics you employ for entry and exit on intraday basis, ie. technical analysis, multiple timeframes , patterns, price derivatives etc. Presume you trade ESmini.
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