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  1. https://ca.trustpilot.com/review/72option.com - Seems like many others have lost monies on there, too.
  2. Theoretically, this makes sense. But it may not work with low capital... ? The reason the world's population of 'wealthy' people is so small is because there is only so much wealth to go around and those that find it don't want to share the secrets necessarily. It took hard work to get there [usually].
  3. Hey K10 where did you learn about VSA?
  4. Hey, I don't think many trade INR USD, however you can maybe tell us the benefits of trading INR USD? And tips? Which broker do you use?
  5. What is your system for trading FX, Alan?
  6. Having an education, from my experience, helps down the road. You never know what happens in the 'markets'! And you can have a good job while playing in the markets
  7. It seems that often the psychology / mental issues lead to a breakdown of discipline. It all starts with the mental games...!
  8. Hi Zach, It's always good to finish college. What is your long term goal? What type of jobs would you like to see yourself doing in 10-15 years? How old are you right now?
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