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  1. All my strategies that tested out great fell off a cliff at the end of the testing period. You have to really get into walk forward testing and I have heard reevaluate every 3 months to have a strategy to work. I gave up. The really walk forward testing software was too complicated for me. Just my opinion.
  2. RM686

    I'm Done...

    Great decision. Losing money will wreak havoc with your emotional and physical health in a very short time. Best to step away.. It took me 25 years to figure this out. You lucky you did it in 18 months. Why do you think there are so many programs and coerces and book out there. None of this crap works.
  3. Where can I get some indicators for trade station for swing trading the S&P and QQQQ ETFS. A trading strategy or program would be nice also.
  4. GUESS NO indicators for trade station? my computer coud not open any of your files. do you have a website? always looking for new indicators. you right no trading plan. read the books have given up. havent found anything out there yhay works at least for me.
  5. Have anythiny to popsition trade ETFS on the S&P or QQQQ
  6. Does anyone know of a basic system that is any good? All these systems coast a lot of money and I dont hear of antone making money swing trading stocks or ETFS.
  7. "Not only that there are brokers that will run the popular ones for you so all you have to do is read your satements each month." can you name 2 or 3 popular mechanical trading systems for stocks and ETFS that you are refering to?
  8. "you can see this Ninja example" "Not sure what other answer you are really looking for then" Downloaded Ninja awhile back to run with Trade Station. Could not get it to work. E mail support no help. They told me best solution was to delete Ninja program. Like I was saying I am not very good with computers. In this post and others people responders in other posts I read have "said you have to develop your own program". Not one person has recommended a commercial trading program to use with Trade Station. Remarks like one from a previous poster was the are "ones on the internet that will make you a millionaire". Obvious he is being witty (in his own mind) and of little help. So when you say what are you looking for how about some recommendations for some decent software to trade ETFS and stocks. In the 6 months I have been with trade station the closest I have gotten is develop your own. (Spend a few years learning programming and trying to put together a trading system?) So the answer to you question "what are you looking for " is from the responses I have read in other newbie questions and responses I have received ed is nothing in these forums. Tams thank you for you post about Ninja which I view as a sincere attempt at trying to help.
  9. Reminds me in grade school when you couldn't spell a word the teacher would tell you to look it up in the dictionary. You would never find it if you thought it was like KAT. Some peoples can't spell and will never be able to. Some people can sing or play the violin and some never will even with a gun pressed to the side of their head. I love the other answer that there are tons "on the internet offering to make you a millionaire". Of course thats true and their all frauds. Very helpful thank you. I asked a simple question and I am assuming the answer is if you are not a good trader and can't program you are out of luck. Although none of you directly answered my question in a round about way I guess you did.
  10. what if you dont know programing? are there any mechnical systems for charts and ETFS that one can buy.
  11. When you say periods more than 13 you mean 1 min charts? You would then stick with the JMA. Also thanks for the link found Traders Online they have a JMA strategy.
  12. I trade from 60 min to daily charts stocks and ETFS. What is the IE/2 ma I havent heard of that one?
  13. Any one ever tried using the Jurik moving averages as a cross ovser system sat 8 and 21 ?
  14. Erfan, Here are some MT4 versions of the indicators for everyones use. What is mq4?
  15. So all the reviews about the book on amazon are wrong and I guess that makes you a genius. All I have been saying is that I did very well using the methods I described. It is only when I got involved with this computer stuff and back testing that I got creamed. If you don't under stand that you should take a reading comprehension coerce. If you think that only your type of analysis (what ever that is) is how to make money and that the old basics of simple chart reading and point and figure charts are useless than you are the narrow minded one. I am not really interested is anything you have to say. So if you want to continue hurling insults back and forth so bid.
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