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    I Started at CBOT in 1986 as a runner and rose thru the ranks. Finally after years of trials and tribulations I began working in the Bond pit for a local trader. He was kind enough to show me a little of his trading style and gave me a few lessons along the way. I began trading full time 5 years ago and now off the floor trade a little FX and Eminis from home. I'm not where I want to be but I know how to get there.


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    Forex / Futures
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    Infinity AT
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  1. You are an idiot. Lost all your money and now you need to blame someone else. Guess what it's your fault.
  2. TLA, Funny post, yea i skipped a word. Glad you were able to fill in the blank. I would rather play nice than bitch back and forth with you. I really don't see the flaw in the AT data maybe because I'm on the live platform instead of the demo and I use DTN for backfill or maybe using MarketDelta charts instead of Sierra makes a difference. I don't really know. You gave your 2 cents and I gave mine. Lets move on. Best regards, TraderJean
  3. Of course they'll open your account and give you an 800 number to call. If you're big enough 100K+ they'll treat you like a king (or queen.) But I think most FCMs aren't set up for the smaller retail client. Most self directed accounts will receive long hold times and something less than quality service. If you've been with IB or TradeStation you probably know what i'm talking about. Having said that, I am just speaking from my personal experience. I would guess there are good IBs and not so good IBs. Just like there are good and bad FCMs. It's a search and discovery process. I'm just glad i'm with Infinity. TraderJean
  4. I use Infinity an IB, because of their service. I have a personal broker Tom Duffy. He's just great. The best I've ever had. The way I see it you hope to never need a broker, but when you do need help you want someone who will get you out of trouble. Saving a few pennies by going direct wouldn't really be saving all that much in the long run. And my rate is already low enough that the commissions aren't a factor. yours in trading, TraderJean
  5. TLA, Your comments on this forum lead me to believe that you don't good data from bad data. And why in the world would you want to trade on Sunday. Trading on Sunday is for suckers. Regards, TraderJean
  6. Jack, Let me throw in my two cents worth. I have been trading live with Infinity for over 2 years. Before that I was with IB & Tradestation. The AT data feed is a REAL TIME data feed and the best in the business for my money. It is not a historic feed, it is not a charting service. I actually get my realtime data from Infinity and use DTN for historic backfill - whole thing costs me all of $25 per month. It makes me happy. See, I like AT because I trade live. I've used Ninja, TT, ONYX, RAN Order, X Trader, and AT is a better EXECUTION platform than any of them IMO. I trade live with AT & chart with MarketDelta. There is limited backfill with AT and I'll grant you that, but I didn't sign up with Infinity to sit at a computer screen all day and look at historic charts. People that only chart and demo don't consider the execution side of the equation. Because i trade I want a platform that sends my stops and limits directly to the exchange. I want a platform that rarely goes down. And I want to be able to contact my broker if I need to, and have him pick up the phone. That's what I get with Infinity. Jean
  7. Pricing info is here: MARKETDELTA :: Product Overview TraderJean
  8. Hi Bob, My advice would be - 1. Don't open an account until you have enough capital. I believe to trade you really need 10-20K. The more equity the better. 2. Don't over trade. Trade one contract for every 10K in equity. 3. Educate yourself there is plenty of free stuff out there that is really good. Check out the CME website. TraderJean
  9. Hi Mike, I use the Infinity AT platform which uses the Transact data (free), and I use MarketDelta charts. Not sure if you trade live or not, but Infinity offers free 30 day demo. Sign up here thru my broker Tom Duffy and receive a special commission rate: Infinity Futures TraderJean
  10. The MarketDelta Footprint is superb. I just love how the colors jump out at you in the new version. Also the custom volume / price indicators provide the most in depth real time analysis of market conditions I have ever seen. MarketDelta charts are the best. TraderJean
  11. MarketDelta is a souped up version of Investor RT by Linnsoft. The MarketDelta footprint is focused on the buy / sell volume breakdowns by price graphically displayed in an easy to read chart. It's a great tool that adds to traditional candles, or profile charts. I really like the volume price statistics which I can easily view broken down by different timeframes. You get unique acess to data like, total buys, total sells, buy%, sell% total volume, change in volume, delta (B-S), and much more. Also, the Market Profile charts are the best I've seen. They offer a free 15 day demo.
  12. I tend to agree with the group here on this, but with one exception. It's not the volatility of a market that causes problems. Volatility is good it's what we as traders want - a market that will move giving us an opportunity to profit from the movement. What I avoid is markets that are thin, or illiquid. DAX, TF, YM , due to their thinness make it extremely likely you will experience slippage when trading. Slippage is bad it is like the market stealing money from your account. My advice to you is avoid thin markets. Stick with ES, FESX. As far as Margin is concerned I keep my account well capitalized and use very little day margin keeping it close to the exchange required levels. Even at $6000 for 1 ES the product is plenty leveraged. I think anyone who trades futures using extreme margins is going to end up tanking their account. TraderJean
  13. I don't break down risk by individual trade. I place stops where I think they are needed for a successful outcome on the trade. The more confidence you have the tighter the stops get. This works in a liquid market like ES, but won't work for YM. Liquid markets allow you to use tighter stops illiquid markets you must use wider stops. My platform (Infinity AT) allows me to set an automatic daily loss limit which I set to a certain dollar level $1000. For ES I think you need to have at least 10K in your account and I think you need to be able to risk at least 1K a day but no more. If you lose that you're done for the day. yours in trading Jean
  14. Hi All, First I've heard of the miniDax. Looking forward to it, but I'm sure it will take some time for the volume to reach decent levels. It will be interesting to have 2 electronic contracts trading at the same time one full size and one mini. It will allow scaling in or out of trades which could offer a pretty unique trading opportunity. I am not a big fan of the thinner markets like YM, TF, or DAX. It's easy to get in a trade but can be hard to get out. I've seen too much of my hair turn grey trading the YM. If the miniDax turns out to be something like the ES then I'll probably trade it. just my 2euros, Jean
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