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  1. Wow! Many many thanks for the data.
  2. Doe's anyone have any suggestions for finding historical data (daily open, close, low, high, volume) for the ES MINI?
  3. TraderJean, Your remark seems to be missing a word or two. The data from Infinity was missing a few ticks or two. I suppose that's not important to you. Different strokes for different folks. I prefer charts and sentences with complete data. I make decisions based on data. My experience has shown that Infinity was flawed in this area. I could go into further detail here, but I feel that in a forum where people can freely express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a service - I believe a "thumbs down" is all that is necessary. Perhaps they will improve in this area. For their customers' sake, I hope they do. TLA-2009
  4. TraderJean Are you an employee of Infinity?
  5. I was using Transact Infinity AT. This datafeed was a disaster. Good luck if want to trade on Sunday.
  6. I was previously using Sierra Charts with the Transact DataFeed. I noticed problems with missing data in the charts and realized that the Transact datafeed is unreliable. Since then, I have switched to Ninja Zen Fire. I am unable to figure out how to set pivot point parameters with Zen Fire. Has anyone had the same problem? Any suggestions?
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