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  1. Check out the link below. It explains the use of a 10 minute MA on the 1 minute NYSE Tick. Countertrend Trading the SPY's using the 10 MA Tick: I've found that when the 10 MA Tick > 500, you can look for a reversal to the downside and when the 10 MA Tick <- 500 you can look for a bounce to the upside. http://traderfeed.blogspot.com/2008/11/trading-with-short-term-moving-average.html "I find that a 10-minute moving average of the NYSE TICK removes much of the noise from the one-minute values." Hope this helps with your countertrend trading.
  2. I've been using BigCharts.com to get the 10 day PVP (Volume by Price). It proved to be a nice HUP for the SPY's today. The market bounced off the 10 day PVP $85 region twice. Does anyone else use longer term HUP's?
  3. Thanks Blowfish, I've read and watched all 11 parts of the thread several times. I've also made some notes after reading the replies to several questions posted. I was just curious if someone had posted all of this info in one place.
  4. I'd check out Van K. Tharp's Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom The info on Position Sizing and Money Management helped me with my trading
  5. Is there a link to a summation of all of the rules in using VWAP/PVP/SD for JPERL's Market Statistics?
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