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  1. Beautiful well thought out post, thank you for that. Susana
  2. This place is called Puretick.com and it's 100% major scam, they cannot trade or teach. The head trader, Alex, is also mentally ill, he treats his customers at times with disrespect. Avoid like the plague.
  3. I don't have a preference, my only preference is to follow my trade plan. Short or Long makes no difference to me as long as I begin the day with no bias outside of what was plotted on the charts.
  4. When you do your morning research, how do you determine what stocks are "In Play" for that particular morning/day ? Do you search for unusual volume and high advancement in relation to futures ? Do you search for the biggest movers as far as advancers or decliners? How does it work ? I could use some ideas and if you could please post the tools/websites you use to determine this I would appreciate it. Susana
  5. Thank you for all your commentaries and suggestions. I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a great new year full of life and happiness. May God bless your families and your trading. With much love, Susana
  6. It's not about being close minded, I've studied the markets and have traded for many years and have grown a very skeptical mindset when it comes to suggestions. Something along the lines of "not good" until proven otherwise. Still, that did not stop me from creating this thread and requesting for assistance. The decision to stick to reversal patterns was based on the fact that they turned my trading around and in the end, that is what matters the most, what makes money for me. I've learnt to be a very patient trader. I studied extensively market correlation to bonds, other indices, indicator divergences, market internals and found zero edge. Electronic market these days are too efficient. In the end, as the person who taught me once said, it's all about the math and the long term expectancy of your setups. Risk small looking for ample reward and in my humble opinion the best case scenarios for that are confirmed reversal formations that form around potential key areas of support or resistance. Just looking to improve not debate. Trading is very personal and a huge portion of success lies in your psychology and ability to mentally withstand the market traps, in the end what works for me, might not work for you and vice versa.
  7. Very well, next time I have failing set up, I will post it.
  8. For what is worth I have found the following to be useless. - Market Internals - Indicators or its respective divergence - Other e-mini correlation
  9. Pappo, Yes, that's a great tip. Only take those reversal patterns that form around confluential areas, definitely a solid tip, unfortunately I already knew but your input is appreciated. Susana
  10. I'm a pure price action trader, no indicators, no volume except for what I get from using constant volume based bars and a little market profile examination. Volume to me is something that sometimes makes sense, but only if we are at key areas, and other times it only makes sense after the fact. It actually affected my performance, so I simply dropped it and just use price because well, I do better just with price. I'm sure many like you, can use it to their advantage, unfortunately I never managed to find consistent gold in volume. I take this opportunity to thank you for your posts, fantastic work, you deserve all the accolades, I truly mean that.
  11. I understand so what's interesting about this particular situation to you guys, that volume increased dramatically and that we went from an imbalance state to a potential balanced one? Because aside from that, I can't see much. Perhaps that's all there is and for some reason I'm thinking you guys are suggesting there is something else.
  12. I understand about exhaustive volume, but without subsequent price action, volume it's unreadable at this point.
  13. Trying to catch a bottom in a bear market is one of the hardest calls in trading. Until Oil can go back into convincing last resistance to become support I'm staying out of the long side, much safer to just short last support, chances are it will then be resistance. Regarding volume, for every buyer there is a seller.
  14. Looks like a falling knife with zero buying interest.
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