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  1. Hello, Was trying to get an indicator to round to the nearest tick value. Have tried the round function, but it will still round to a price level that really doenst exits. Example: Indicator is plotting at 1122.38 on es. I want to tell it to round to 1122.50, but to no avail. seems like it would be relatively easy, just cant figure it out:crap:
  2. Language: Easy language via OEC Idea: How to determine future levels of an indicator using fixed range charts Had an idea and thinking it would be relatively simple, but turns out not to be. Using an indicator, I will use RSI as an example, how to determine what price in the future will do to rsi. This idea works because of the range bars being fixed. example: 4 Tick Range setting on the es. Trader knows what price the current bar will complete, and from there can see at what price the next bars will complete. So, say current bar has a high of 1205 and a low of 1204.50 ( 2 ticks, so 2 remain to complete the bar and another tick to start new bar). So as it stands, the bar will complete either at 1205.50 (needing 1205.75 to start a new bar) or 1204 (1203.75 to start new bar) So from there, one could "know" what prices future bars will be closing at. Of course this will change when the bar makes a new high or low, so they really arent predicting anything. Just simple math. The problem I have is passing that future level into RSI. r=absvalue(high-low); rem=range_setting-(r/mintick); buy=High+(rem*mintick)+mintick; That is how I define when the bar will complete. ( this one is used for completed up bar). It works fine and plots as it should. RSIH= RSI (Close, RSI_Length); So the RSI code is presumably looking for High,Low,Open,Close. If I pass my variable into the "close" in the code, it does nothing. That is just the first problem. I need to compare what the rsi could be vs what it is in the previous bars. I tried something like: If lastbaronchart then CC=Buy else CC-Close I would use "CC" instead of "Close in the code, so it would look like this: RSIH= RSI (CC, RSI_Length); But that did little to nothing. So I am stumped here, I'm pretty sure something like this is possible, but I am out of ideas. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Nothing is perfect all of the time. Now if you want to see real problems with outages and slow charts, give TS a try:rofl:
  4. Ah, i pasted the wrong one. Let me find the correct one. That one ^ works for globex open to globex close, but not RTH.
  5. This will plot from globex open to globex close
  6. Were you looking to from RTH hours or from globex open?
  7. translate them to C# and then you can save all you want.
  8. On your Chart View--Roll Forward Could also put in a toolbar.
  9. Just had an idea I was toying with, but cant seem to figure it out. Let's say I'm watching slow stochastic. I only want to sell when its >80, but since its changing intra-bar, it can go from >80 to below<80. Is there to know at what price will take it back out of the extreme. Example: ES trading at 1205. If price makes a high of 1208, it takes the stochastic into >80, but I want to know what price it has to make in order to take it back out of the extreme. Trying to figure this out using Easylanguage. Any help or guideline will be much appreciated. Thanks T273
  10. dont know how you stomach these massive drawdowns. more power to you if you really can.
  11. OEC has what you are looking for you. You can export just about everything you could imagine in real-time to excel and then you can do whatever you want to it,
  12. i guess why did you decide to go for +30 now as opposed to the +1's you have been taking?
  13. so if it didnt rebound would you just keep averaging and averaging?
  14. something tells me this isnt real money....
  15. do you never use a stop? This trade went against you about 83 pts and you were still hanging in there?
  16. But isn't that 2 ticks on 3 lots? Assuming each trade and add is 1 ct.
  17. If you are that unsatisfied and think it "sucks" then why don't you just go find something that doesnt "suck". Or would you rather bitch and moan about every little detail you deem to "suck"?
  18. mine is working good as that I can ask for. It will never be perfect, but bitching and moaning about every little thing that might be "wrong" is just overkill, imho.
  19. trader273

    OEC Show Case

    I am like you. Pretty good at easylanguage, but C# seems like greek to me. The best bet is to make your indicators in EL and then right click and "translate to C#", once you toy around with that you can start to pick up on little things, like setting defualts of color, size, etc. Give it a try and if you need some help, I'll do my best.
  20. Perfect. it should be an option. I hope that's what OEC does.
  21. I agree. There seems to be about 3 different "problems" being discussed in this thread. Range Bars that don't have the "correct" range as set by the user because of a gap Range Bars that don't have the "correct" range as set by user without a gap Range Bars that print while still inside the set range I can see merits in 1 and 2, that should be able to be set by the user. 3 is just wrong as range bars, might be some other type of bar, but not a range bar
  22. Ok, I gave this my best shot. I have never used arrays, so this is fun:crap: I searched through TL and some other pdf's. Here is what I got so far: Array: MyArray[5](0); ArrayElement[1]=((yesthi-yestlo)/yestop)*100; ArrayElement[2]=((H2-L2)/O2)*100; ArrayElement[3]=((H3-L3)/O3)*100; ArrayElement[4]=((H4-L4)/O4)*100; ArrayElement[5]=((H5-L5)/O5)*100; V=MedianArray(myArray,5); I have everything defined, and it plots correctly. The error I got is "Index was outsite the bounds of the array" Googled that, and I thought I fixed it but not so much. Probably missing something easy...
  23. ok, i guess its just median( ) duh Then I guess what I don't understand is how to get the median of a set of numbers I have. If anyone reads Dr.Steenbarger's blog he showed what he uses for price projections, and I was trying to code something up. I have five variables and I need to take the median of those 5.
  24. Was trying to find an easy way to find the median of a given set of numbers. I've searched the pdf files that are available and the only thing remotely close was related to activity bars, so that didnt really help. anyone got an ideas?
  25. Ok, I see now. People were talking about two different things. I understand your problem and the chart that you have isnt correct, that's for sure. As to why it's wrong, I have no idea. I think I found the same time frame as your chart and mine looks correct. Don't know if its a computer issue on your end or a sim vs live data feed thing. Best bet is to ask OEC directly.
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