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  1. By same thing with no connection to the first, do you mean simultaneously trade the same instrument in opposing directions, through different accounts? I was wondering if/how you could do that in SC, as I know you can in Ninja through 2 different DOMs by selecting different ATM strategies. Do you know if SC is also capable of replicating trade execution/orders/management through multiple accounts? ie place trade in one account, identical trade/orders automatically show up in another account?
  2. Great info, thank you for sharing. What do you use the second copy for? I have started testing SC and I like most of it, though also dislike some things about it, mostly how unintuitive some of the settings/options are, syncing them between installs, and how difficult/untuitive it is to set up the ATMs/Attached Orders, compared to NT.
  3. What if you installed them in different folders? Could you keep both installed and just run the one you wish to and it would work properly? Could they both work at the same time?
  4. Thanks again, great information. To clarify, I keep reading reports of NinjaTrader being less stable/reliable/fast BECAUSE it uses .NET. Now Multicharts also has a .NET version, so it's interesting to hear this perspective, that they are potentially less stable/fast. I was curious of more on the SC .NET vs non .NET, found most of the answers here: Non .NET Version of Sierra Chart - Sierra Chart I will try the non .NET/CLR version. How do you like the chart trading in Sierra? What would you improve about it?
  5. Day, week, month, year, doesn't matter, if you have one, you can calculate the rest. Comparison against margin, leverage, contract value, etc is not too useful in futures. I mean income, return against account value. I already know I wish to pursue, as I have been for years and am comfortable with my reasons. The point, is simply to know. If we are discussing what the top institutional traders have achieved, why not discuss what the top retail traders achieve?
  6. Thanks for your response and great info. For my specific needs, I am a simple manual discretionary trader, and have no need for complex indicators, custom strategies, or any programming. If such a need ever did arise, I would likely have someone handle it for me, rather than spend time coding. So basically, I just want to trade and execute. I am not concerned with price, but speed, stability, usability, ease of quick use in live trading. Appreciate your suggestions for me. Is .NET only slower to code in, or does it make the platform itself run, behave, and respond slower as well due to the complexity? Why do some people mention issues of stability/robustness/reliability with .NET, would I experience this simply using a .NET based platform, or again would these issues surface only while programming? Also, for testing out different platforms, I have installed the different versions of .NET required for each. Will each program be able to use its required version correctly with multiple versions installed?
  7. How about top retail discretionary futures traders, if you are, and of those traders you know, what kind of average % returns do you consistently make?
  8. What makes Sierra so much better, and .NET less reliable, less robust, and slower? Would this apply to other platforms as well, like the new Multicharts .NET vs regular Multicharts?
  9. Hi Steve, Could you please share your experience of how you learned this lesson and the process you went through to accomplish it? As well as any advice for people who struggle with this.
  10. Interesting..in the Q&A after the webinar tonight, instead of his website (which btw doesn't have much material on it regarding his course), he accidentally mentioned another site, http://www.directyourmind.com . Interesting site, seems he sells or is involved in selling a bunch of unrelated software and technique training for all kinds of things, not related to trading. Oops.
  11. Also there is another webinar tonight at 9pm EST by Norman Hallett, of the The Disciplined Trader program. https://thedisciplinedtrader.omnovia.com/registration/pid=74551298939081 I met both of these speakers at the NYC Traders Expo last week, and they both interested me, since obviously I am in that phase where I have been trading for quite some time and have yet to overcome my discipline issues. Both of these webinars are the same presentations they gave at the Expo. Norman's presentation gave simple, easy to apply, practical advice, that did seem like it could help. But he also offers an expensive mentoring program, and I read somewhere that 1500 traders have gone through his program. Rande's presentation was quite complex, gave a lot of background knowledge and information on the causes and effects, and seemed more scientific. But it resonated with me, that this information is well founded and these methods could work. BTW, both Rande and Norman offer a "money back guarantee". I am not sure of the conditions of this guarantee, or time limit, or who decides the success or failure of the program, but would love for Rande to expand on it.
  12. MP-TT, thank you so much for a fantastic and eye opening post....this is one of the best discussions on trading I have ever read, in my short 3 years of experience. For anyone interested, Rande has a webinar beginning shortly at 5pm est: http://www.tradersstateofmind.com/webinardates.html
  13. I have no experience with this field, but I am curious, where do these numbers come from? Is there sarcasm here, or are these actual statistics? I would honestly like to know Rande's response to my questions, and what his results look like, and of other well known trading psychology coaches. For charging anywhere from $3,000-$7500, it would sure seem like they would do better than you say.
  14. Reading an amazon review of Herbert Benson's The Relaxation Response book, a reader commented that the original old edition had a great 15 second technique that could be used in the moment, that is no longer in the newer editions. Perhaps Rande or someone here has the book/knows it and can share it.
  15. For anyone else interested here is the free info I found that seems to be good for starting out with meditation: http://www.suite101.com/content/the-relaxation-response-a103132 http://relentlesslyhappy.wordpress.com/2010/08/30/the-mindfulness-training-by-troy-ygnacio-soriano/ http://www.best-personal-growth-resources.com/mindfulness-exercises.html
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