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  1. hello, is there a quick way to change the underlying contract for the chart, right now I am saving the template from the old chart, create a new chart with the new contract and load the template to get back. Anything easier? thanks! :crap:
  2. on the DOM, there is right click to create STOP orders however on the chart, I find that you have to be a distance away from market to do so, is there anyway to always create STOP orders? I only want to enter when the stops are hit, it happen to me a few time I enter wrongly and I am quite visual person, so chart works better. thanks
  3. looks like OEC doing to do equities, do they plan options?
  4. Is it something that need to be customized or I just did not find it from the list of available ones? :crap: cheers!
  5. I did not figure that out too on the chart, I just thought it was not able to
  6. Is it possible to show only bars between 9.30-4.30 for ES? on my screen it shows all the bars 24hrs and I cannot find some settings to hide them, probably I am just missing where to find it :crap: cheers
  7. which brokers provide mini-HSI available to outside HK traders? Comes with it's own platform? thanks
  8. hello, anyone from Singapore or Hong Kong familiar which brokerage (or which you you use) is easy to setup an account, ,deposit and withdraw $, offering reasonable commission rate for day trading ES? any details would be appreciated .. e.g. what is the comm rate? Probably going to be layoff at some time, looking for alternatives to try out thanks a zillion! good trading
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