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    MP Software

    IRT is simply the best market profile software in existence IMO. For those that still use other types of charts but like I do but still want to see a profile type breakdown of that data check out this video. Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. very cool stuff coming
  2. nice to see some P&F traders around, what software is everyone using? I have developed quite a few of my own trading methods for day trading with P&F
  3. If you are in his free trial room you better not ask him about his old "service" (website), he will kick/ban you faster than you can blink. I was in there as a trial once and some guy got in there and started asking him why he ripped him off and started pasting info about his old site...at the time I knew nothing about it so I asked what site the guy was referring to, BAM, I was kicked and banned for asking a simple question I strongly suggest you do your DD, there is plenty of info out there about the place and there is quite a history...I did my DD and what I found wasn't pretty...but that is for you to decide. P.S. hop over to the market profile forum...there are some other mp rooms out there if that is what you are interested in
  4. for anyone that got the free market profile webinar by profiletraders before they deleted the link from the forum, can you send me a PM and let me know how it was, I was out that day, thx
  5. I'm not so sure it is modern vs traditional more than it is applicable vs not applicable...since markets do change. I have seen semi-recent writings of Steidlmayer and he doesn't even look at the "value area" anymore. The focus seems to be on dynamic profiles and POCs. Much of this is logical if you look at when MP was being developed. For example, do you really think the IB has the same significance now as it did then (in relation to markets that now trade nearly 24 hours a day). Market Profile is merely a tool, how you (or other people) use that tool can vary dramatically.
  6. If you guys need to check your numbers. you can check your numbers against the below CBOT market profile levels which are updated daily and cover quite a few markets http://www.charthub.com/chart/search/mpchart solid yellow = POC dashed yellow = Volume POC solid green = Value Area dashed green = Volume Value Area blue = IB yellow tpo profile, gray volume profile
  7. updated chart, works nicely, see where we hit and where we are consolidating a bit? http://www.charthub.com/images/2008/02/29/es_mp_24h
  8. 30m letters standard 60m IB standard (even on ags)
  9. it definitely works well with ags, it was developed on use with ags
  10. and here we are, right down to the 1458 as mentioned in my previous post http://www.charthub.com/images/2008/02/28/es_mp_24h
  11. no dumb questions POC = Value which is why I don't really find a reason to look at value areas, IB, etc etc... naked POCs are very strong magnets think about it in the sense that a POC is where lots and lots of business took place, so it makes sense that business needs to take place there again
  12. thought I would post a screen shot showing how I like to use MP what you should see is that our first area of resistance was 1369-72 which we finally broke through on 2/25, the expected next stop would be 1387 and that is what we needed to get over today to move up to the 1396 area, if we break that, 1416 here we come, otherwise, a nasty drop back down to 1358 note I am not using value areas, IB, etc etc...shape/development and POC is what I am concerned about http://www.charthub.com/images/2008/02/27/es_mp_rths
  13. I suppose this is strictly subjective, but in my MP trading, I have actually culled through what I personally don't find relative and just work off non-traditional core parts of market profile (i.e., shape, POC). I find a lot of the other components aren't really applicable in today's market...from my understanding, even Steidlemeyer himself has zeroed in on the POC and using profiles dynamically. It's not a magic bullet...but it is a very unique way to view price action (which I personally think can give an edge if understood).
  14. on stocks you may need to adjust the tick size so the profile is more manageable...but other than that it should work fine
  15. got my double TPO low take out, 1 day later than I expected
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