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  1. Okay, I'm stupid... how do I use the .txt file to make it work in TS? I tried saving it as a basic indicator, but it's plotting on a sub-graph. :doh:
  2. I approach it this way: if the missed trade was a setup I look for, if it follows my rules of entry, and it's successful, then it verifies and validates what I'm doing... which gives me more confidence to take the next one. And as many wiser folk have already said, there's always a next one.
  3. I will add my voice to the list of satisfied Infinity customers. On board for almost a year and a half... execution speed is great, software runs very smooth. I've only had one unusual issue the entire time (thought I was out of a trade but wasn't), and Tom was on top of it and called me immediately to alert me to the problem. He made sure I was taken care of, and I really appreciate that kind of service. I have no desire to trade anywhere else. As for charts, I have a subscription-only account with Tradestation for the ES. I also have a thinkorswim account that I use for supplemental info, mainly watching market internals. The trio of Infinity, TS and TOS keep me very happy.
  4. I have no coding experience with TradeStation, so I'm not sure if I can do this. I'd like to create a paintbar indicator that will change candle colors when the 9ema crosses the 30wma. Blue when the 9ema crosses above the 30wma, and red when the reverse occurs. Is it possible to do, and if so how would I go about getting started to figure it out?
  5. I've been trading the ES with Infinity for almost a year now. I use their AT platform side-by-side with Tradestation for all of my charts/indicators.
  6. Hey Yusuf... glad it's helping a bit. I actually have those three different longer timeframes up as separate charts, all with the scalper dots on them (along with the 5 minute chart too). As is often the case, you might get a dot on one of the charts and not the others. If it's a strong trend, I'll usually get dots on multiple charts before I expect the reversal. The 233 and 610 are my main "eyes" on the market. I watch the MACD on both, looking for divergence from what the price action is doing. Generally speaking, a clear divergence on the 610 will occur at close to the time your higher-timeframe scalper dots are firing. You should see a divergence on the 233 at this point as well, and then I would enter based on the BBs crossing the MACD. Not sure if all of this will make sense without visuals. Maybe I'll do a "how to" post with pics at some point...
  7. I have the Scalper dots on my 5min, 4095T, 1597T and 987T, which as use as "early warning" indicators for a reversal in the current trend. My main indicator is the MACDBB, which I watch closely on 610T and 233T for the setups I want. When the higher time frames fire off the dots, I know it's time to keep an eye on the 233/610 combo, as a reversal is very close. Hope that helps!
  8. I didn't make those 10 points in one big, lucky, with-the-trend trade. I used my indicators like I always do, and played the reversals for 2 points per trade. Some days I only get one or two setups, some days I get eight or nine. And I even have a losing trade now and then. I will certainly agree with you when it comes to understanding price action. I factor that in while watching my indicators for the setups I want. And like you, I also have an indicator that signals exactly at tops/bottoms, but will give falsies. So I use it on multiple time frames to help me see the bigger picture. It took me about a year of screen-watching to figure out what worked best, and was most profitable for myself. I've gone from trying to ride trends for double-digit points, to scalping a few ticks, to finding the "sweet spot" of 2 points per. I'm very happy with the results, but it took a lot of work to get there. We all must find our zen!
  9. Well crap. I guess the 10 ES points I made today don't count, since I used indicators.
  10. I took the chance and spent the money on it. It works, if you use it in proper context with other indicators and multiple time frames. You can't expect to watch one chart and just trade the dots, you'll get killed. But if you have a good system, and you know how to recognize setups, they help quite a bit. And yes, they appear in real-time, not three bars later.
  11. For futures contracts, my preferred time to trade is between 9:45am and 12:00pm ET. You could safely extend it to 2pm ET as well. And I don't trade on Fridays, too unpredictable.
  12. You should have gone short around 12:00... you just have to learn how to read it properly.
  13. Infinity's margins are great, and the their commissions are great too. i am thrilled to be a client. I will be a LIFELONG client... their fill times are amazing, and my profits are amazing as well. Thank you Infinity!!!
  14. There's no minimum number of trades, 50 contracts is what I happen to be comfortable with. The round trip fee will depend on how much $$$ you have in your account, it's a negotiable amount. But I think you'll be very pleased. PM me if you'd like contact info with them.
  15. I absolutely LOVE Infinity. I usually get filled on a 50 contract ES trade in 1 second, sometimes 2 at the most. And Tom will take very good care of you!
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