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  1. Hi Folks not sure if I have missed the boat. For March deadine SPX: 1275 INDU: 11800 COMPX: 2810 End of year SPX: 1150 INDU: 10500 COMPX: 2100 thanks Best John
  2. Congrats to the winners ! ie Thalestrader YUPPIE_MO DWG0 To echo MadMarketScientist's comments, Amazing result Thales !! well done !! Best John
  3. The guy you showed a lot of disrespect to ie KIWI probably knows more about trading than anyone else on here although he would never admit that. I suggest you think real hard about what he wrote but maybe your not smart enough to do that but want to be spoon fed instead. Best John
  4. Welcome back Jon ! good to see you posting again. nice article mate Best John
  5. Hi JJ Its a tough decision.I hope this doesnt sound too negative but the chances of trading successful these days on the route you are thinking is very slim. Just one thing to consider. We often fantasize about getting away from a stressful job where we are not working on our own terms to one where we reckon we will be at ease.The "best" path has always been the stressful one due to using it for personal growth. I know this isnt what you really want to hear. What happens is we get into trading while working at a job we dont like and get so engrossed into trading we find it interesting and fascinating and we split the good into trading and the bad into our stressful job.The trick with Trading is proving we have an edge. Prove your method first before doing anything.Do you really have an edge yet ? Just some ramblings JJ good luck in whatever you do mate Best John
  6. Dow 10,400 S&P500 1,032 Nasdaq Comp 2,130 Thanks for the opportunity ! John
  7. Well done James , very cute. Hope you,mum and baby are doing well. All the best John
  8. The last paragraph is actually what it takes to be a very good if not great therapist.. One could say here are some similarities to approaching higher levels of trading achievement that can be related to the last paragraph also.. very interesting couple of posts Zdo. Thanks Best John
  9. Thanks. Interesting...the previous day events and interpreting the dream in the context of your life is critical... thanks for sharing Best John
  10. Interesting dream Zdo Anything significant happen the day before you dreamed the dream that night ? Best John
  11. Hola Randy I was based in Panama for 3 years but travelled to both places on a regular basis...yes you are right Boquete has more Americans there and I can understand that is you are craving like company... I liked the amount of Rain in Volcan...amazing... as is Cerro Punta Take care John
  12. Randy I am glad you went to Volcan and not Boquete. Too many gated communities in Boquete for my liking... Best John
  13. A very good discussion guys. Well done this is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I must apologize if I am crossing/mixing the coaching versus psycho boundaries here. I note at least three levels of Jargon when People are communicating Psychology.Not necessarily in any order The first is to discuss the physiology of root cause of behaviour eg and relate it back to parts of the brain etc this can be of some interest but is pretty clinical.... The second is to use the common known psychology learned/taught jargon when describing patients psychology/pathology, And then there is the actual bodily/mind sensation/thought process that is actually going on inside of someone who does not have the complete set of tools to incarnate it all fully in the moment. Much undiscovered psychology/process is still in here.... As a coach ones job is to see the other...even before it is "seen" and understood in the person who one is coaching... or alternatively to provide an environment to let the other discover a process that is interesting in terms of self development and outer learning...often outer tasks/learning have feedback loops of an inner process going on.. From a psychology point of view the first couple of years of life are critical to the development of an individual. The mothers reverie is the most important aspect in the Child discovering the devine ...The subtle body and its sensation is the first level of boundedness for the child ......on it goes...Klein, Odgen,Jung have been some important contributers to practical modern day therapy ( amongst many others ) I personally have found the outer task of designing and developing trading systems that are statistically based a real personal challenge that has pushed my boundaries of stats knowledge and in some cases introduced myself again to some dissociated parts of myself and have revisited other known feeling states along the way...thus an eg of a typical alchemical process or individuation process Best John
  14. Hi Sappjason My apologies for getting that wrong. Still a very good day !! Well done All the Best John
  15. Hey Sappjason Very good trading. That is 22 trades in a row winners with a couple of likely breakevens thrown in that 22 perhaps. Wow that is pretty hot trading... Unless Im reading it wrong mate...if so my apologies ! Best John
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