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  1. Always think about risk managment! Otherwise you gonna loose all your depo
  2. I'm trade with Amarkets because of low spreads, crypto trading and MT-4 platform.
  3. So guys if you want to know about Amarkets or trading more, pls tell me, i'm will share with you this information
  4. What about courses or education content from broker analysts? I've learned base of crypto and forex (it's just example) with Amarkets pro traders and analysts in webinars.
  5. Yes, sure, but we can trade when it costs about 6-7k$ and sell it for 20-25k$. I guess it will grow up soon. I watched a video about future of bitcoin from Amarkets analyst and I'm really sure that now it's time to invest
  6. Sorry for late answer) Could you please tell me where exactly you trade? Maybe Binance or Amarkets? Or other platforms?)
  7. I'm very satisfied with Amarkets so far. I've been trading with them for more than four years. I had to address the customer support only once last year to ascertain the details of partnership program. The trading conditions are very comfortable. Never had any problems with profit withdrawal.
  8. Till nowadays I trade with Amarkets and everything is ok
  9. It's an advert of iphone 7?)) Nice)
  10. Thanks for your collection. Gonna check it with Amarkets... I hope it will be useful
  11. Yep, totally agree with this quote
  12. I was a participant in AMarkets webinar and they said the same things
  13. Lol, I really confused from comment above
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