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  1. Forex Trading on Smartphone / Iphone

    In 2018 it's really necessary for brokers to integrate a platform for mobile trading. It's. really. necessary. And I still don't understand why a lot of good brokers don't do it? At least I heard Amarkets have integrated a new platform such as MT 5 and Mobile MT. I Hope soon other brokers will do the same
  2. How to Be Consistently Profitable in Forex Trading.

    It comes with a lot of practice. Through losses and crying. Through hate and anger.
  3. What Was Your Greatest Loss in Trading ?

    Oh, yep, since that time I think 7 times before trade
  4. What Was Your Greatest Loss in Trading ?

    Once upon a time i lost about 4k$ and it's was really disaster for me!! At least I closed my deal timely and safe depo.
  5. Metatrader Vs Currenex

    Meta Trader of course. But what should i choose mt 5 ot mt 4 it's another question. I heard MT 5 is better and more adaptive for traders. Exactly Amarkets sent this information to my e-mail
  6. Cryptocurrency Trading

    But nevertheless everyone who watch this thread will see useful informaition about crypto and brokers who provide crypto trading. Don't you think so? I mean everyone can share his experience about this despite the fact that this thread is so old.
  7. What is Your Maximum Profits in One Trade ?

    Well, i made 730$ once and i was really shocked
  8. Double Seven Strategy

    Wel, gonna check it)
  9. What Are Your Thoughts

    You were right! I've read the similar information in book Unfair advantage of Robert Kiyosaki and he tell about gold, silver and some other asstest for investing and trading. But also successful trading depends of broker and his conditions.
  10. Best Automated Trading Platform

    I heard Amarkets provide good automatic trading. It's really necessary for people who know nothing about trading
  11. How to Make Money on Forex

    It looks really simple and nice but I guess when people practice they meet some problems between 4 and 5 points. Success depends of broker you choose and of his conditions. Also don't forget about theory and patience.
  12. 10 Rules to Successfully Read Stock.

    I guess he means always to trade because it's really profitably even if you suffer loses right now.
  13. Tips to Win in Binary Option?

    Matte BO is a scam. It's some kind of lottery if you mean shot-term options. Even don't think to invest. Just Forex
  14. Whats Your Trading Profits?

    It depends of broker who helps me to trade and some aspects but on the average it's about 10% earnings from my invest every month
  15. Advice for Beginners....don't Try to Make Money.

    I guess the best way is to create automatic dispatch of letters with links to useful information and sections of this forum where traders can quickly learn. Maybe link to "Tips for beginners" and this one

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