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  1. I have been learning binary options and crypto trading for a little bit now. Its difficult to find a strategy that works best for me because there is a endless amount of them. What is the way that you found the strategy that worked for you or fit your trading style?? I have been trying alot of different ones but cant seem to find one that benefits me and its the most frustrating thing.
  2. This is an old post but I really wish I would have caught that bitcoin wave when it was like $0.20 per share.
  3. Exactly. I have only been trading real money for about a week now but I didnt want to trade legit until I knew exactly what I was doing. I understand though how people get lost because of so many different strategies and stuff it can be overwhelming you know?
  4. I could agree but I dont think trading bitcoin could hurt. I found this place that has taught me how to trade bitcoin effectively and ive been doing it for about a week now. I have made minimal profit so far but i just started. I just gave it a shot.
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