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Trading Futures & Options Using Triple Trend Oscillator

High leveraged trades in Futures & Options can be tricky. Stop losses can be used for risk management but a few stop loss triggers can take away a substantial part of your capital. What is important is the entries are timed precisely and once an entry is made, ride on the position till exit.

Equally important is the stock selection which can give the best trending position. Using Triple Trend Oscillator one can analyze the long term trend and take position in a shorter time frame with a precision entry using a minor trend, all this information available on the same indicator.

An advanced option trader has highly sophisticated tools to trade in options where each of the factors affecting option pricing is analyzed. However, for a trader it boils down to managing the intrinsic and time value of an option. Hence it is important for an option trader to know the trend force and direction before trading in options. A strong trending move can negate the effect of theta (time value erosion), keeping the option trader in profit, even when close to expiry.

Trading naked options, if timed correctly, can become a relatively risk free, simple and high profit strategy . An option trader using the Triple Trend Oscillator will be in a position to judge the tend quality. The position of trend oscillators close to zero indicates sideways moves which can kill an option trader. The best trend structures would be when the trends are placed away from the zero line indicating strong trending move in either direction. Again the position of the intermediate and minor trend would indicate the trend strength and the trigger line could be used to take position in the direction of the major trend.

Notice in the following chart, how the thin black line zero crossover can be used to make precise entry in the direction of a larger trend. Even if you miss the first entry or are not confident, one can always use the second crossover for a good directional trade.
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