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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I've one subject to discuss and get opinion on that. While analyzing Amibrker's backtest report I found MFE is something helpful to reduce our loss. For instance you would see few buy/sell signal never crossed 0.1% (You can research with any of your AFL). So if we can trade above/below the signal price +/- 0.1% then it would reduce some loss. I've started following signal price +/- 0.1% and it has helped me to reduce some loss. Now looking something ahead of this. What if you trade only when signal price crosses more than 0.1%. Means 0.2% or 0.3% or 0.4% ? I believe trading higher/lower than signal prices would also reduce same amount of profit. Is there any way to backtest with this logic with different amount of %, or any opinion on this method ?
  2. High leveraged trades in Futures & Options can be tricky. Stop losses can be used for risk management but a few stop loss triggers can take away a substantial part of your capital. What is important is the entries are timed precisely and once an entry is made, ride on the position till exit. Equally important is the stock selection which can give the best trending position. Using Triple Trend Oscillator one can analyze the long term trend and take position in a shorter time frame with a precision entry using a minor trend, all this information available on the same indicator. An advanced option trader has highly sophisticated tools to trade in options where each of the factors affecting option pricing is analyzed. However, for a trader it boils down to managing the intrinsic and time value of an option. Hence it is important for an option trader to know the trend force and direction before trading in options. A strong trending move can negate the effect of theta (time value erosion), keeping the option trader in profit, even when close to expiry. Trading naked options, if timed correctly, can become a relatively risk free, simple and high profit strategy . An option trader using the Triple Trend Oscillator will be in a position to judge the tend quality. The position of trend oscillators close to zero indicates sideways moves which can kill an option trader. The best trend structures would be when the trends are placed away from the zero line indicating strong trending move in either direction. Again the position of the intermediate and minor trend would indicate the trend strength and the trigger line could be used to take position in the direction of the major trend. Notice in the following chart, how the thin black line zero crossover can be used to make precise entry in the direction of a larger trend. Even if you miss the first entry or are not confident, one can always use the second crossover for a good directional trade.
  3. Hi all, I use Yahoo Finance as quote provider and there are a lot of wrong quotes. For example, a stock that has its price $5, next day price $120 and the next day $5 again. It is like a gap, but with a big %Change. Could someone help me with the code? I try this one, but it doesn't work: Buy = L > ((Ref(C, -1)*2); Sell = H < ((Ref(C, -1)*2); Filter = (Buy OR Sell) AddTextColumn( FullName(), "Name",100, colorDefault,colorDefault,300); AddTextColumn( WriteIf( Buy, "Buy", "Sell" ), "Signal", 50, colorDefault,colorDefault, 50 ); SetSortColumns( 4,-5) ; I would appreciate any kind of help. Thanks, Jaca
  4. Hello, I'm using below code in nest and it is showing good result there. I want to have an AFL so that I can use it in Amibroker. BUY = EMA(CLOSE, 5) > SMA (CLOSE, 20) AND RSI (CLOSE, 21) < 40 SELL = EMA(CLOSE, 5) < SMA (CLOSE, 20) AND RSI (CLOSE, 21) > 60 BUY EXIT = RSI (CLOSE, 21) > 80 SELL EXIT = RSI (CLOSE, 21) < 30 =============== With 5 minute internal it is showing me below signal in next now for nifty 0/24/2013 11:10 SHORT 6253.15 10/28/2013 13:55 EXIT SHORT 6114.25 I would greatly appriciate if someone can help me and create AFL from above code. Thanks,
  5. I would REALLY appreciate it if someone would help me with writing the AMIBROKER CODE for a simple 100MA, which indicated swings/ trends using the following parameters: • Simple 100 bar moving average of the Close • If the 100MA is less than the previous bar’s 100MA, then 100MA is down. (colorRed) • If the 100MA is more than the previous bar’s 100MA, then 100MA is up. (colorGreen) • If the 100MA is equal to the previous bar’s 100MA, then 100MA is flat. (colorBlack) • 100MA direction is always relative to previous bar ....................................................................................................... • Overall Trend Direction has 3 possibilities – GREEN (Up), RED (Down), BLACK (Flat) • GREEN changes to BLACK if 100MA is down and price closes below 100MA in last 15 bars inclusive of the current bar • RED changes to BLACK if 100MA is more than last bar’s 100MA and price closes above 100MA in last 15 bars inclusive of the current bar • BLACK changes to GREEN if the 100MA is up for 15 consecutive bars inclusive of the current bar • BLACK changes to RED if the 100MA is down for 15 consecutive bars inclusive of the current bar • GREEN can never change to RED and RED can never change to GREEN WITHOUT a BLACK period in between. ....................................................................................... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  6. Hi guys, So I've coded up my expert in Amibroker with far less pain than anticipated (although I haven't started pushing the hard points on the to do list yet). My next step involves how to handle the alert outputs. I'm running around 20 symbols on various timeframes on RT feed. My early steps involved simply plotting the expert on the chart and tying this to an early warning alert, and a close of bar alert (output goes to alerts list, and I get a nice visual reference for early stages of building and checking the system as well as handy things like changing the chart background when a trade is about to confirm). With around 20 symbols on a single 5m timeframe Amibrokers resource meter is screaming 200% of capacity already, but time wise still processing everything fine, and CPU/Memory load is nothing. Do I need to worry about this? Opening a new Amibroker window for each timeframe seems one solution as the load is window specific as they the load drops as timeframes increase. Even so, loading up 100 or so charts obviously isn't the optimal solution given I just need alerts. Part of doing this is to cut back the number of screens and minimize the information I need to deal with. Thus an alert list telling me what chart to look at is somewhat ideal (ultimate goal is reduce it to smartphone capability to receive/act on alerts, but that's for later). So I'm thinking the following solutions : 1. I run it as a scan set to repeat say every 1 minute as this would be required to set off my alert which is timed for 60 seconds before bar close. Output results to a watchlist but this means keeping a close eye on it, or can I just tell the scan to output alerts as well? 2. Somehow reference the multiple timeframes from the AFL code within a single symbol chart (possibly using TimeFrameCompress function and giving it a hard list of what times to scan what timeframes). This would allow me to keep the graphical display alerts on the chart (color change) and address the trades from the alert list or text output in the chart header telling me what timeframe is confirming. It will substantially increase the AFL code load though. 3. I go to another platform better suited to this. Is anybody doing this successfully on other platforms? 4. Turn it over to something like Strategy Runner and automate it (a probable future side project exploration but not what I want at this point). Suggestions and advice appreciated :-)
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