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Need Help with ThinkOrSwim's ThinkScript

I'm attempting to learn and apply the fold command in TOS, but my code is not plotting correctly. Could someone take a look at it and get it to work? I know how to code DO LOOPS in basic language and I'm having trouble doing it in TS. One problem that I have with this is controlling the increments in the iteration. I don't get any syntax errors, but this code does not plot correctly and I cannot figure out why. It should plot horizontal lines at different levels.

************************* ************************* ***
def HAV = HighestAll(High);
def LAV = LowestAll(Low);

input Direction = {default GridUp, GridDown};
input n = 4;

# ========================= ========================= ==========
# ========================= ========================= ==========
def Mode;

switch (Direction)
case GridUp:
Mode = 1;
case GridDown:
Mode = 0;

def StartPoint = if Mode == 1 then LAV else HAV;

plot GannLine = fold i = 1 to n
with j = 45
do if Mode == 1 then Sqrt(StartPoint) + ((i * j)/180)
else Sqrt(StartPoint) - ((i * j)/180);
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