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3 Simple Tips For Biginners

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you Know what they say; Trading Forex is 80% mental and that only 5% of all currency traders make money consistently. If this is so, and I believe it to be, then we are all in an extremely competitive environment. This means that when we trade, we must always be on our "A" game, our peak performance period.

Here are 3 Simple tips to prepare you each day for the competitive playing field that is the Forex market;


1. Rest


Before we turn on the computer and look at the currency pairs, it is imperative that we have ha adequate rest. Proper sleep allows us to recharge our batteries and extend our period of maximum focus. Sometimes we all wake up and things are just not in balance. Issues outside of our trading environment or our physical conditions, or lack thereof, are ruling the roost. This is when all successful traders pullout their ultimate weapon of successful currency trading.

They simple don't trade!

Use this time to review, read or play golf! it's all about probabilities,and the probability of success in Forex trading multiplies when we are at our best.




Currency Trading is a business and should be treated accordingly. In he business of trading currencies we all should have a plan, a business trading plan. This plan should consist of 2 components: A mission Statement which should explain your personal "Why" Why are you trading Forex? Your mission statement must be compelling enough to overcome the inevitable challenges all traders face.

The second components is your trading plan. The component of the overall plan covers the execution of forex trading. Your plan should cover the what, how when and risk components of your trading. Before each trading session review your entire plan and trade it@ Make this a habit, Another trick of successful traders is after losing some focus during the trading period, Take a break and before returning refocus by reviewing your plan.




You must sharpen your mental saw before each and every trading session.There are a variety of methods for helping you relax and focus. You can listen to your favorite music, mediate, recite positive wealth building affirmations or listening to confidence building CD. When it comes to developing a mental edge, play every ace. The correct method is the one that works for you!

After all of your preparation you still find yourself not on top of your game you can once again consider the ultimate weapon of great traders.

Walk away! You do not have to trade today.

Preparing for your trading session is all about placing yourself is the best position possible to take advantage of myriad of opportunities that makes the Forex market great. When you incorporate mental preparations into your daily trading ritual you have set the stage for handling whatever the currency market can throw at you with confidence, determination and clarity.

Remember, above all the hype, Strategies and methodologies lies common sense. Use it and you too will find success.


Thanks for your precious time..:)

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do your homework during the weekends !

observe trend lines, study s/r levels, make plans

check possible price formations, reversals, continuations...

be prepared and you will not panic

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