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Seven Summits Trader (SST)Trade System

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Since this forum has kind of taken on a life of its own and morphed into a UTA / SST theme, I thought I would take the time to write a brief description of what the SST is, for those who are curious or who would like more information. As you may or may not know, I am to co-developer of the UTA. It was that tool that led me to being able to come up with the SST. I am the author of the trade strategy that I co-developed with NetPicks and which then later became known as the SST.


The Seven Summits Trader (SST) was named after what we believe to be the seven keys to successful trading. Moreover, each continent on Earth has its highest mountain range, or summit and only the best of the best has ever scaled all seven. So with that in mind, we gain an additional benefit -- inspiration. Succeeding as a trader is one of the hardest things to achieve as well, and only becoming the best of the best will suffice if one truly hopes to conquer trading. By incorporating the seven keys (summits) to successful trading, you can put yourself in the best position to succeed. At least, that is my opinion and is what the SST Trading System philosophy is all about. In brief, the seven summits are:


1. The ability to trade multiple markets and timeframes with one system. This eliminates the need to continually learn new trade strategies as markets change. One effective strategy to learn and use for a lifetime. Markets change all the time. Many of the markets we were prospering with back in 1999 and 2000 for example (dot.com stocks), no longer exist today. In those days, no one even knew what an eMini was!


2. Dynamic Trade Setups; market conditions change moment to moment. The SST constantly 'tunes' itself in real time, and presents trade setups that are tuned to the current market condition. It calculates a fixed target with the highest liklihood of being reached, while also placing the stop where it needs to be for the trade to have the space it needs to develop. Then it dynamically reduces risk and seeks to put us into a risk free position as quickly as deemed possible by its 'self tuning.' This lets us take what the market wants to give us rather than what we want from the market. The SST operates under the assumption that the market is king and that we need to be in tune with it.


3. The Ability to Scale and Trail; The SST lets us scale in and out of positions. It also incorporates very effective trailing stop techniques that are built right into the SST Toolset. Not only do we get the benefit of pretuned high percentage fixed targets to hit those steady singles and doubles, but we also have the chance to hit the big homerun trade with the trailing aspects of the strategy.


4. Precise Tradeplans; A system is only as good as the rules that are applied to it, and the ability to trade it with 'ownership' and 'discipline.' Markets are 24 hours per day but that doesn't mean we should be trading 24 hours. Trading should be a means to and end, not the end itself. We want to trade to make money, so that we can have freedom and a better life. SST Tradeplans are designed to have you trading during the best times, dynamic goal setting strategies that once again, allow us to take what the market wants to give us vs. what we want from the market, AND, a winning edge. You've heard the adage, plan the trade and then, trade the plan? We are strong believers of that but we not only plan the trade, we plan how we trade, when we trade it, when we quit, etc.. We try to allow for the 10% art part of trading by reducing much of the 'art maneuvers' down to mechanical rules as well. In essence, we want to remove the human element as much as possible so that we can be completely objective and NOT emotionally attached to our trading.


5. Full Immersion Training; The SST philosophy wants the trader to be fully immersed in high end training to not only learn how to properly trade the SST way, but how to trade in general. There is a very active owner's club which offers a live traderoom where one can really learn the strategy and be surrounded by other traders who are also learning or experts of the strategy. The SST Owner's Club also has a website where one can find numerous tradeplans, trainings, etc..


6. Capital Preservation; The SST philosphy states that one should never over leverage. But on an individual trade basis, the SST has powerful tools that dynamically cut risk and then moves to put our trade into a risk free position. Moreover, the best defense is a good offense. The SST has its high percentage target and the ability to trail a second position for bigger profits. It also identifies when price momentum is increasing and signals a place to add to our positions. These are highly offensive moves but they are also very profitable. What better way to preserve your capital than to grow it steadily, with high percentage, profitable trading.


7. Consistent Profits; What more needs to be said about #7. Consistent profits means you have reached the highest peak and are succeeding as a trader.


The SST has been available now for over a year and continues to ring the cash register. Moreover, it has developed into a 'family' of strategies and effective tradetools. There now is an SST Simple version, which is actually a distinct strategy unto itself. There is also a specialized SST FX Edition. What's more, a new and highly effective setup has been added to the SST called 'GetBob.' GetBob stands for 'Get Back on Board,' and tools have been developed to incorporate this highly profitable trade setup as a plug-in. It's a very unique trade setup, kind of a trade setup within a trade setup. It sounds complicated but it actually is very easy.


There's more on the horizon for the SST as well. It has been so successful that rumor has it, that an SST Pro version might be in the cards. I can't divulge anything else about it because it is still in the planning stages but it will be above and beyond what the SST has already become.


I hope this post satisfies those who were curious about the SST. You can find out more information on it by visiting the SST blog, www.SevenSummitsTrader.com, as well. There you will find an entire year of history and can learn a lot about it. You can also get on an invite list where you can attend a free webinar and/or get free demo time in the SST Live Traderoom where you can actually see it in action for yourself, ask questions as live trades are called out and traded by the active SST Membership, etc.


Thanks UTA!! Without it, there never would have been an SST.

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