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EasyLanguage - Tradestaiton

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Dear All, 

can you please help in code to define higher highs & lower lows in 3 or 4 charts with trend-line, i've been new to easy language and looking for help.

any available topics or help would be appreciated


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Posted (edited)


Glanced at your question ... members will be reticent to dig up and contribute something if it’s not really what you’re asking for.  Please be much more specific. 

Examples:  Are you looking for something visual - such as a horiz line at the last ‘pivot’ that you could visually see if it it broken creating a hh or ll ? Or are you looking for a rules based hh ll indicator where certain time and or price parameters are met between the swings before the condition is true ? ... and would that be dynamic or would both pivots need to be formed and in place before the condition is true?  ...Also, there may be many different forms and  instances of raw hh or ll that you, in actual practice, might want to ignore

Etc etc etc etc etc.


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Tams has done that already HH LL With Lines! Do a search

5ae35efe8fc95_NFLX_TRO_HHLL4-27-18.thumb.jpg.6027eefe423e36658a3f56e41dab37b0.jpgPerhaps you might be looking for the _TRO_OHMLC  Do A Search

A snippet of something else might be ; If Avg > Avg[1] and High > HH and high <> high[1] and low > Avg and SmCount < Max_Num_SM then begin 

If Avg < Avg[1] and Low < LL and low <> low[1] and high < Avg and SmCount < Max_Num_SM then begin 

Perhaps you might be looking for the _TRO_HHLL  Do A Search5ae35d5dc4e63_NFLX_TRO_OHMLC4-27-18.thumb.jpg.e6e3fb48d0067717089a6b29a031d0ee.jpg

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Hey guys I am new to trade station and I am trying to find a code for the bollinger band that would buy stocks over the median.And with the parameters to sell with 3 percent profit and if that cannot be executed then to sell when price crosses below the mean at the end of that bar

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    • Hello! I'm afraid there is no such thing, personally I have been trading live for 15+ years now, lost a bunch and won a bunch, and I can say that I'm still learning, and I probably will never stop learning because the markets are so incredibly complex, if you ever meet someone saying he knows it all about trading, he is most definitely lying. but you are in luck. you don't have to know it all to be consistently profitable in the market, you just need to find that specific thing, what ever it will be, and that is the hard and time consuming part. Trading got to be the most complex and hardest profession you could ever learn, I believe there are no shortcuts, the professional traders, banks, hedge funds etc you are trying to extract money from, and "consistently" are people making millions of dollars in a year, I'm sorry but I don't know of any method or course where you can learn to beat those traders. seriously this question is ridiculous when you think about it, ( no offense) I probably asked the same question in a forum somewhere my self when I was starting out, somehow we don't ask our selves these things, it is like the greed are blinding us, if you want to be a trader with the ability to win consistently from the market, there is only hard study that matters, and I don't mean following something somebody else cocked up. that will only brainwash you with probably a messed up base knowledge, and this is bad because as you probably know it's hard to teach an old dog, that is because the unlearning is so hard, avoid other traders ideas, don't even read about it. it will affect your brain subconsciously to mess with your decisions in the future, things you read will probably will be 99% garbage anyway. except this post seriously ha ha , what I mean to say is, do your own thing, bring forth your own ideas, use your brain, test, trade, back it up with statistic and forward testing, this way you will eventually create your own trading strategy that suite you, and it will be something you can trade with confidence, the most hardest thing is to trade some others strategy because you don't have the confidence to trade it, you don't know why it supposedly will work or how, and you have no data to back it up, this will bring you a certain amount of doubt, and then your emotions will kick in and mess things up. on the other hand, if you trade your own stuff, you got the confidence because you know why things will work and you have the data to back it up. my tip is to begin with studying the behaviour of price it self, it is the only indicator you will ever need, price is reflecting all the traders emotions collectively, keep it as simple as you can, the more things and rules you add, the harder it will be to trade, if I would show you my strategy you would not believe me, it's that simple, (not going to though) and then you have your own emotions to deal with, that is a completely different subject but it goes hand in hand with trading. so not only do you need to master trading, you must master your own psychology as well. cheers
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