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,,,just Sayin...

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Health security is the new nom de plume of social management.  Medical tyranny is how it actually works out.  Hope you all don't go along with it... I'm just sayin'


meanwhile ...

Anyone who criticizes coronavirus vaccines FIVE times will be banned from Twitter...

In Biden’s America, putting coronavirus-positive illegal immigrants on bus trips across America is perfectly fine, but ripping off your mask is “Neanderthal thinking.”



The only real vaccine against ‘Covid-19’ is turning off the TV.”





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As I have been saying for 16 months now...

“lies going into the ‘plandemic’ and lies coming out”


very briefly, all gov’t/media narratives about

the ‘source’ of the ‘virus’

infectivity and infection rates





social distancing

the ‘vaccines’


are FALSE.  Act accordingly.

just sayin’

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I used to take every June off from trading - to be with the family, travel, etc  etc

Dang, it’s freakn autumn... my June’s are getting longer and longer... just sayin’

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Let me get this straight - if you’re ‘brownish’ from central america or the middle east or wherever, you can walk across the border unrestricted - ie without need of id, passport, visa, or vaccination(s) - and move directly onto the dole anywhere in the US you like




if you’re a little bit more than  ‘brownish’ ie you’re fkn black like a Haitian you’ll be sent back ‘home’ without recourse...


that’s not racist?  That not biden’s kkk elbow rubbing days bleeding through?  Just sayin’

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he's just sayin'

"The pillars of western civilization are breaking down right in front of our eyes. If "reserves" don't mean reserves, and if "money" doesn't mean money, and if home "ownership" doesn't mean ownership, and if the "rule of law" doesn't mean the rule of law, then we have lost the very principles upon which western civilization exists.

Combined with the fact that nearly everything has become FAKE now -- fake news, fake money, fake history, fake education, fake science, fake medicine, fake elections, fake pandemics, fake shootings, fake hate crimes, etc. -- we find ourselves living in a world with no civil compass.

Western civilization, simply put, has committed suicide. There is no longer any glue holding it together. The elections are rigged, the money is counterfeit, the news is deliberately fabricated and the propaganda is absurd..."  Mike |Adams


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it is absolutely astounding how long you can be out of the 'lab' and not miss a fkn thang... I'm just sayin' :)

have a great weekend all


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As I started posting circa  Jan 212, we were bombarded by lies re Covid going into the plandemic and we are bombarded by lies re Covid coming out.  Imo, LIES is the very best description of govt and media response.  If nothing else the response has been, at best, inconsistent and hypocritical... way too many words redefined on the fly, etc etc...

The questions and observations in this article about the 'vaccine' (which is not really a vaccine - btw) provide some insight.


Pathologist Speaks Out About COVID Jab Effects


    In the wake of the COVID jab rollout and additional boosters, a number of health conditions are on the rise, including cancer, most notably cancers of the uterus, endometrial cancers, and very aggressive blood and brain cancers
    Cancer has been on the rise for decades, thanks to dietary factors, but the COVID jabs appear to dramatically accelerate the disease process. Many doctors report cancer patients with stable disease, and those who have been in remission for years, will suddenly and rapidly develop Stage 4 disease
    A military whistleblower has come forward with data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) database showing dramatic increases in medical visits for cancers and other conditions, post-jab
    For neurological side effects of the shot, four remedies that can be very helpful are fluvoxamine (an antidepressant that blocks cytokine production in neural tissues), pharmaceutical grade methylene blue (improves mitochondrial respiration and repair), near-infrared light (triggers production of melatonin in your mitochondria) and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (boosts mitochondrial function, decreases inflammation and much more)
    The COVID jabs also downregulate toll-like receptors 7 and 8, which allows latent viruses such as herpes EBV4 — Epstein-Barr, aka, mononucleosis — to flourish that would otherwise have been kept in check

Dr. Ryan Cole, an anatomic clinical pathologist with a subspecialty in skin pathology and postgraduate Ph.D. training in immunology, has been on the frontlines exposing the fraudulent COVID narrative.

Since 2004, he's been operating his own business, a pathology laboratory, which gives him rare freedom and flexibility to comment on what he's seeing. Most others would lose their jobs for speaking out the way Cole has.
Truth Telling Is a Risky Business

That doesn't mean he hasn't paid a price for speaking out about and defending real science though. He's triple board certified and has 12 state licenses, and because of his stance against COVID recommendations, some of the credentialing organizations have taken action against him.

    "I've seen 500,000 patients diagnostically in my career through the microscope. So, I have a long track record of diagnostics. I have not had a patient care complaint against me in 26 years of being a physician," he says. "I still don't, and this is what's fascinating.

    Of those 12 licenses, four were under attack, three are still under attack — in Washington, Arizona and Minnesota — [yet there's] not a single patient care complaint. All the attacks against me have been political complaints to boards of medicine, which is not legal for them to do. Not a single one of those complaints is from a patient.

    And then — really the most egregious thing — was ex parte, without me being present, without even sending a certified letter, the College of American Pathologists removed my fellowship status, which is defamatory.

    I went back and found their complaint and looked at what they did, and I actually have a wonderful defamation lawsuit against them, because everything they did was anti-scientific. So, they can either restore [my fellowship] now, or just pay me a big check down the road. One or the other."

He's also lost about half of his business, as two insurance companies canceled him for "unprofessional behavior," i.e., for sharing and discussing the science of COVID, and one of his best friends, whom he's worked with for 12 years, canceled their business relationship as he didn't want Cole's outspokenness to affect his business. "All because of the defamation by the media, so to tell the truth in this day and age is a dangerous thing," he says.
Suspicions Arose Early On

From his Ph.D. work in immunology, Cole was very aware of SARS-CoV-1 and MERS, having studied both, so when the warp speed program to develop a pandemic SARS-CoV-2 vaccine was announced, he became immediately suspicious.

    "I thought, wait a minute, you can't vaccinate against corona viruses!" he says. "This family of viruses is not amenable to vaccination, based on mutation rates. So, my concern was very high, early on."

Cole's lab ramped up PCR testing, using a cycle threshold (CT) of 35, rather than the recommended 40 to 45, as he knew that high a CT would result in 98% false positives. On a side note, pathologists not only assess tissue samples and biopsies, they're also in charge of testing. The head of every major clinical lab is a pathologist. They're basically in charge of quality control.

    "As pathologist, we're constantly looking at patterns, be it under the microscope or be it in lab data. We're looking at blood reports. We're looking at what's out of range on blood reports. We're looking at microbiology. We're looking at molecular biology. We're looking at cultures. We're looking at pap smears. We're looking, across the board, at those clinical parameters in addition to tissue biopsies," he explains.

    "I have 70 employees, and if there's a blood smear that looks unusual, they bring it to me. If there are parameters on a test that look widely out of range, they bring it to me. And I call and talk to the clinician — [I'm the] doctor to the doctor. We have a consultation practice with the clinicians so I can help them understand what's happening with their patient, and then they can make clinical decisions going forward."

Post-Jab Cancer Explosion

One of the apparent side effects of the COVID jab that Cole has been warning and talking about is cancer. He explains:

    "Obviously, during COVID, we saw some parameters change in blood tests. There was a concern about clotting. We saw elevated clotting factors. We know that the early variants were pretty severe in terms of inducing clotting, which was a shame because the whole world should have been simply using anti-inflammatories, steroids and anti-clotting agents, and so many more people would've lived.

    My colleague, Dr. [Shankara] Chetty in South Africa, was having phenomenal success with antihistamine steroids and anti-clotting agents. So anyway, that first year, we saw drops in white blood cell counts, we saw decreases in certain subsets of T-cells. But when the shots rolled out, things changed.

    At first I noticed kind of an innocuous little bump that we see usually in children. It's a little virus called molluscum contagiosum [that causes] a little white bump.

    Usually, by the time you're a tween or early teen, you've built immunity to that and you never get them again, or rarely get them again. But after the shots rolled out, all of a sudden, in 80-year-olds, 70-year-olds, 60-year-olds, 50-year-olds, I started seeing literally a 20-fold increase in this little innocuous viral bump. And I thought, 'Uh oh, this means they've lost immune memory' ...

    Those subsets of T-cells that keep viruses in check are very important for keeping cancer in check. And this is where immunology jumps into the picture. All of us have some atypical cells, and we have the 'Marines' of our immune system, our natural killer (NK) cells. They're on the frontline circulating. We have about 30 billion T-cells circulating in our blood, many of which are killer cells and NK cells.

    Our other innate cells are our macrophages, monocytes and dendritic cells. They're on that frontline. They're shaking hands with every cell in your body all day long saying, 'Friend or foe? Friend or foe? Oh gosh, this one has some mutations, it's now a foe.' They'll poke a little hole in it, throw in a little enzyme called a grandzyme — a 'hand grenade' — blow up that cell, and we're good.

    But what happened after these shots rolled out is that many of those cell subsets started decreasing in number. The first cancer I saw uptick was cancers of the uterus, endometrial cancers. Usually, I would see maybe two endometrial cancers a month. All of a sudden, a few months after the rollout of the shots, I was seeing two or three a week.

    Another subspecialty area of focus for me is melanoma. And I started seeing melanomas, not only in younger patients, as the shots dropped down in age cohort, but they were thicker. The other fascinating thing was they're more aggressive in terms of how many dividing cells was present in each tumor. I'm still seeing this.

    Beyond that ... I've been traveling the country and the world quite a bit ... and wherever I go now, I have doctors and nurses approach me saying, 'What you're saying, we've been seeing.'

    I was having a conversation with a chair of a large oncology department in Tallahassee, and he said, 'I usually see an aggressive brain cancer in a young patient maybe every decade.' After the boosters rolled out, he saw five astrocytomas, five aggressive brain cancers, in one month.

    Then, I'm in Jacksonville the next day, having a conversation with a family doctor. He said, 'Gosh, it's strange, I usually see a kidney cancer in a young patient every decade or so. I've seen five in the last month.'

    Then I was in the UK a couple weeks ago. I had a doctor from Ireland who's been a practicing family doc, GP, for 36 years, and he said, 'I have seen more cancer in my young patients ever since the shots rolled out, and the booster, than I have ever seen in my entire career.'

    Same thing, a nurse that works emergency department in the UK, [said she's seen] not only the heart inflammation in young children, but cancers in young patients and aggressive leukemias. So everywhere I go, I have doctors confirming my observations ... I've had many of them approach me and say, 'Hey look, I'm seeing what you're saying, but I can't say it because I'll get fired.'"

Cancer Spike Is Being Covered Up

Aside from what Cole has seen in his own lab, a military whistleblower has also come forward with data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) database showing dramatic increases in medical visits for cancer, neurological diseases, infertility, autoimmune diseases and several other conditions, post-jab.1

The DMED is one of the best databases in the world, as the Department of Defense keeps very close tabs on what's happening with our troops. This DMED data was presented during a hearing led by Sen. Ron Johnson. A week after that hearing, the DoD froze access to the DMED, and when it reopened a week later, the data were all changed to eliminate the data spikes.

    "That's what was really shocking," Cole says. "I think this is basically fraud to the level of Watergate, in terms of [there being] somebody behind the scenes, and then the private company that actually manages that database ... manipulated it."

The DoD has tried to explain this suspicious activity claiming a "bug" in the system had resulted in underreporting of medical conditions in the five years prior to 2021. The number of cancers and other health problems were actually higher in 2015 through 2020 than initially indicated, they said.

However, how can a program error cause data corruption for five consecutive years and then self-correct, resulting in perfect numbers for 2021? And how did they not notice the error earlier? Again, this is one of the best-kept databases in the world. And how come this "bug" only affected conditions that also just so happen to be known and/or suspected side effects of the jab?
Future Prognostication

Clearly, cancer has been on the rise for decades, thanks to dietary factors, but the COVID jabs appear to dramatically accelerate the disease process. There are no published studies to help us foretell the future, but based on what Cole has found so far, how long does he think it'll be before conditions like cancer spiral out of control?

    "That's a great question," he says. "One of the important findings I've heard from many of these clinicians is that many of their patients who have been cancer-free for three, four, five years, their PET scan looks great, no detectable disease, and after that second or third shot, all of a sudden there's Stage 4 disease. It's like wildfire.

    And this goes back to immune suppressive mechanisms, the damage that the persistent spike protein and the persistent modified RNA (mRNA) cause. So, aggressive cancers arising very quickly are one thing we're seeing. Because it's a dose-dependent poisoning curve — in terms of the more spike you have circulating, the worse your immune system seems to be doing — the No. 1 thing is, don't get another shot.

    Because it is causing that immune suppression that's allowing those cancer mechanisms. Over time ... I would say we're going to see a consistent twofold to threefold increase in certain cancers, endometrial cancers, breast cancers, cancers of the prostate, cancers that are testicular or ovarian, neurologic cancers.

    This spike protein has a propensity to cross the blood brain barrier and invade neural tissues. We know what it does to mitochondrial activity in terms of inhibiting it, blocking it, ruining cytochrome C oxidase systems, decreasing ATP.

    Cancer is a hypoxic state. When you don't have good cellular activity and cellular respiration and hypo-oxygenation, you end up with mechanisms that can induce more aggressive cancer. So, I think, at a minimum, [there'll be a] two- to threefold [increase] ... over the next year or two.

    We can only hope that the immune system can normalize and we come up with enough interventions and treatments that will reverse some of this, what some people call spikeopathy, or the different diseases that are being caused by this persistent spike. 'I don't know' is the honest answer, but that would be my projection based on I've seen."

Excess Mortality Has Dramatically Increased

Abnormal blood clotting is another commonly reported side effect of the jabs. Post-mortem investigations have revealed thick, extremely long rubbery clots, including in the arteries, which is rare. The longest Cole has seen was about two feet. We're also seeing a lot of micro-clotting, heart inflammation (myocarditis), strokes and heart attacks — all of which can have lethal consequences.

It's highly concerning that we have regulatory agencies allowing the most dangerous medical product ever released on humanity to persist in the marketplace. ~ Dr. Ryan Cole

In early January 2022, OneAmerica, a national mutual life insurance company, announced2 the death rate of working-age Americans (18 to 64), in the third quarter of 2021, was 40% higher than prepandemic levels. And this excess mortality was not due to COVID infection. Many of those deaths were in fact cardiac deaths and strokes, which fits the injury profile of the COVID shots.

    "After they came forward, additional insurance companies said, 'We're seeing anywhere from 30% to 50% increase in claims as well.' They have no horse in the race. They're just observing. And I say that as a pathologist too. Look, I don't create disease. I don't prevent disease. I'm a reporter at the scene of the crash.

    My job is simply to report patterns, and then we can scientifically confirm those data patterns. And the all-cause death is increased in those who've gotten two, three shots. Again, it's a dose-dependent curve. The more spike your body is making, the worse people tend to do over time.

    Even Walgreens came out a couple weeks ago and showed their data. Individuals that got shots are getting COVID at higher rates. Even the mainstream media finally, last week — I think it was Good Morning America — said, 'It's looking like the boosters are a bad idea because it's immune suppressing people.'

    So, we're finally making some progress and getting traction in the mainstream where at least the narrative is cracking. There's a crack in the dam and it's starting to leak. Hopefully it'll rush forward and people will go, 'Whoa, this was a bad idea. Let's stop this chaos.' But the FDA is trying to roll it out on [infants] of all things now ... It's really tragic."

Why Was the Most Toxic Part of the Virus Chosen?

Considering autopsies have shown spike protein is still present at least four months after their last shot, it seems reasonable to assume that severe health problems can arise months or even years down the road. In fact, we still don't know if the body ever stops producing spike protein once this genetically modified mRNA is injected.

    "We know the spike is the inflammatory aspect of the virus, and our cells are made into spike toxin factories," Cole says. "Studies out of the Salk Institute show that the spike is the cytotoxic aspect of [COVID-19], so we're giving a shot that makes the toxic part of the virus, and it's persisting.

    That's why I think we're going to see this consistent elevation of different diseases related to the spike, be it cardiac, strokes, chronic clotting conditions, individuals dying from pulmonary emboli ... It's highly concerning that we have regulatory agencies allowing the most dangerous medical product ever released on humanity to persist in the marketplace."

Neurological and Vascular Chaos

As predicted by MIT researcher Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., we're now also starting to see reports of Creutzfeldt-Jakob — human mad cow disease — which is a prion disease that basically destroys the brain.

Strokes in young people and children are also on the rise. Media are now trying to convince you that this is "normal," but it is anything but. Historically, children and teens do not die from strokes. This is a brand-new phenomenon, courtesy of the COVID jabs.

Microvascular clots (microvascular infarcts) are also a known contributing factor, in the long term, to early onset dementia. So, that's yet another potential health avalanche in the making.
Four Helpful Remedies

I've quickly become a fan of pharmaceutical grade methylene blue, as it's been shown to improve mitochondrial respiration and aid in mitochondrial repair. At 15 to 20 milligrams a day, it could potentially go a long way toward resolving some of the fatigue many suffer post-jab and post-COVID. It may also be helpful in acute strokes. The primary contraindication is if you have a G6PD deficiency (a hereditary genetic condition), in which case you should not use methylene blue at all.

Another important remedy is near-infrared light. It triggers production of melatonin in your mitochondria3 where you need it most. By mopping up reactive oxygen species, it too helps improve mitochondrial function and repair. Natural sunlight is 54.3% near-infrared radiation,4 so this treatment is available for free.

For neurological side effects of the shot, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressant called fluvoxamine may be helpful. Cole explains the mechanism behind it:

    "[Fluvoxamine] upregulates a receptor called sigma-1, which blocks another receptor called inositol-requiring enzyme 1, which is a precursor for cytokines. So, fluvoxamine will block cytokine production in neural tissues. And that's why [it works]. It's not because of its antidepressant effects. It's a cytokine precursor blocker. So, you actually are decreasing a cytokine storm in neural tissues.

    This is why one uses fluvoxamine. There are other SSRIs, but this mechanism is very specific to fluvoxamine. It's a tough to tolerate drug for some people. It makes some people anxious and agitated, but if you can tolerate it for two weeks, you can really turn down those inflammatory pathways in many patients. I'm not going to say everybody, but I've seen it work in many patients."

A fourth treatment suggestion is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). This too can be phenomenally helpful for strokes, heart attacks, autoimmune diseases and neurodegenerative disorders. To learn more, see "Hyperbaric Therapy — A Vastly Underused Treatment Modality."
IMPORTANT: COVID Shots Are Not Pharmaceutical Grade

Seneff also warned about potential unknowns arising from fragmented mRNA and impurities, as tests have shown these jabs really are NOT pharmaceutical grade, as you'd expect. Cole comments:

    "These aren't pure products, and I think this is a very important point. When Pfizer submitted vials to the European Medicines Agency to look at purity ... they were in the 50% range ... The TGA in Australia looked at it and said, 'Look, these are only about 60% pure.'

    This means you have a lot of fragmented sequences of mRNA that don't have a stop or a start code on. They're not coding for what you think they're coding for. They're coding for other tinier, shorter fragments. Are those mitogenic? Probably, but we don't know. Can those reverse transcribe into our own DNA? Studies out of Sweden ... show yes, they can ...

    And then, when they manufacture, they can't spin and agitate these, so you get all these lipids that collect at the top of these big vats. So now you get some batches that are hyperconcentrated and some are hypoconcentrated. It appears about 5% of the batches are responsible for about 80% of the harms."

Autoimmune Diseases of All Kinds Are To Be Expected

As explained by Cole in the interview, there's a reason there's never been a successful mRNA gene therapy product brought to market, despite 20 years of research effort. The persistence of synthetic mRNA with pseudouridine always caused too many problems in the animal trials to move into human trials. It caused autoimmune disease. It caused mutations. The manufacturers don't even know if the nanolipid used to protect the mRNA is safe in humans.

    "Based on the animal trials, we know there were problems and we can only predict that that's going to happen in humanity. I want to be wrong, but from a basic immunology point of view, I don't think I am," Cole says.

    "The nanolipid particles vary in size, interestingly. I've looked at some under the microscope. Some of them congeal and some of them stay tiny. But because of the fatty nature of them, they will carry their little mRNA and fractionated mRNA package to any cell in the body. And that's the biggest concern. Now it has turned any cell in your body to a potential target [for your immune system].

    An important paper came out in the European Journal of Immunology just about a month ago by Dr. Hagemann. There's a condition called antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity. What that means is that [the mRNA] sequence gets into your cell [and] that cell now becomes the spike factory.

    That spike is on the surface of your cell. Now your NK cells that I talked about earlier say, 'We better blow that cell up.' So now, because there's that spike on the surface, your immune system will destroy your own cells. This is another one of the detrimental effects."

Pipeline Now Filled With Risky mRNA Shots

Making matters worse, even though the COVID shots have been shown to be a complete disaster, the drug industry is already working on dozens of different mRNA "vaccines," thinking they now have carte blanche to put out whatever they want using this platform.

And the reason for this continued insanity is because our health and regulatory authorities are corrupted to the core. They are completely dishonest. They're covering up the shocking harms, and unless something radically changes, they will allow dozens of equally dangerous mRNA gene transfer injections to be put out.
Reactivation of Latent Viruses

The COVID jabs also downregulate pattern receptors in your body called toll-like receptors. Specifically, toll-like receptors 7 and 8 are downregulated by the mRNA and pseudouridine in these shots. What does that do? It allows latent viruses to flourish that would otherwise have been kept in check.

"We've seen a big uptick in herpes family viruses, especially herpes EBV4, which is Epstein-Barr virus [aka] mononucleosis," Cole says. So, for those with post-COVID or post-jab fatigue, long-COVID and those with MS-like symptoms, he recommends checking for Epstein-Barr.

About 80% of MS patients have high Epstein-Barr titers. "You will find that a lot of these individuals will have reactivated mono," he says. For reactivated mono, methylene blue, HBOT and nebulized peroxide would all be indicated.
Fertility Under Attack

In the interview, Cole also reviews the potential impacts of the COVID jabs on the reproductive system. Menstrual dysregulation appears extremely common, as is the inability to become pregnant, despite trying for months, and spontaneous abortions are off the charts. The DMED database also showed a strong signal for fetal malformation before it was frozen and altered.

    "What we're doing to society and humanity with a previously never before used modality and product is causing horrendous harm to the human race, with no regard for science, with no regard for scientific integrity. It's a machine gone amuck," Cole says.

    "There are darker forces behind it. A lot of people are making billions, but they're killing people to do it. And it's just so unethical what we're experiencing societally. Yes, we're causing infertility. Yes, we're causing mutations in cancers. Yes, we're causing heart attacks and strokes. Yes, we're destroying the longevity of a younger generation. It is horrendous.

    There's no justification for any doctor who can look themselves in the mirror and say, 'I feel comfortable giving this experimental product to my patients all day long.' They need to reflect and realize they've lost their mind, [their] critical thinking skills."

More Information

Sadly, almost everyone who's credible and trustworthy has been censored and deplatformed at this point, so finding them can be a challenge. To follow Cole's work, be sure to bookmark his website, RColeMD.com. You can also find him on the GlobalCovidSummit.org forum.

If you are vaccine injured, the Global COVID Summit has a blockchain-based forum where you can share your experience and it will never be taken down. You can't be censored or deplatformed. Cole is available to answer questions in that forum.

They're also starting up another website to compete with WebMD and similar pharma-run medical sites. It will eventually be available on DMED.com, which stands for "decentralized medicine." This site is not yet live, but you can try it later. Cole will have a page there as well.

Other thought leaders worth tracking down and following include Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Paul Alexander, and Dr. Kirk A. Milhoan, a pediatric cardiologist, and his wife, Dr. Kim Milhoan, just to name a few.

    "These have been wonderful leaders in this movement for truth and sharing science," Cole says. "All of us are part of the Global COVID Summit. We are 17,000 doctors strong and it's very important that people understand that.

    I mean, that's more doctors than they have at the CDC or the FDA or the NIH. This is a group of critical thinking people standing up for your health, your freedom and your right to your own bodily autonomy.

    I think, going forward, as people are starting to wake up and part of this narrative is cracking, let's come back together, let's communicate, let's be kind, let's help each other get back to a more loving, peaceful, communicative society. I think if we can forgive — obviously, there are things we don't want to forget, because we don't want this to happen again — but try to forgive people and try to help people 'come to' again.

    Just come back together in community. I think it's important that we really try to circle the wagons again as humanity, and hopefully come back to our senses. That's a hopeful message I would like to share."


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Viktor Frankl author of Man's Search for Meaning says "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."  Is that true?


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plandemic lies going in - lies coming out ...one perspective on 'agents' in high places ... and the lies they were assigned to promulgate... fifteen days my ass ... just sayin'                  


July 27, 2022

After two years of unprecedented government tyranny in the name of fighting a virus, the prime instigators of this infamy are walking free, writing books, and openly pretending they never said the things they clearly said over and over.

Take Trump’s White House Covid response coordinator Deborah Birx, for example. She was, as the Brownstone Institute’s Jeffrey Tucker points out in a recent article, the principal architect of the disastrous “lockdown” policy that damaged more lives than Covid itself. Birx knew that locking a country down in response to a virus was a radical move that would never be endorsed. So, as she admits in her new book, she lied about it.

She sold the White House on the out-of-thin-air “fifteen days to slow the spread” all the while knowing there was no evidence it would do any such thing. As she wrote in her new book, Silent Invasion, “I didn’t have the numbers in front of me yet to make the case for extending it longer, but I had two weeks to get them.”

She was playing for time with no evidence. As it turns out, she was also compromising the lives of millions of Americans. The hysteria she created led to countless businesses destroyed, countless suicides, major depressions, drug and alcohol addictions. It led to countless deaths due to delays in treatment for other diseases. It may turn out to be the most deadly mistake in medical history.

As she revealed in her book, she actually wanted to isolate every single person in the United States! Writing about how many people would be allowed to gather, she said: “If I pushed for zero (which was actually what I wanted and what was required), this would have been interpreted as a ‘lockdown’—the perception we were all working so hard to avoid.”


She wanted to prevent even two people from meeting. How is it possible that someone like this came to gain so much power over our lives? One virus and we suddenly become Communist China?

Last week in a Fox News interview she again revealed the extent of her treachery. After months of relentlessly demanding that all Americans get the Covid shots, she revealed that the “vaccines” were not vaccines at all!

“I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection,” she told Fox. “And I think we overplayed the vaccines. And it made people then worry that it’s not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization.”

So when did she know this? Did she know it when she told ABC in late 2020 that “this is one of the most highly-effective vaccines we have in our infectious disease arsenal. And so that’s why I’m very enthusiastic about the vaccine”?

If she knew all along that the “vaccines” were not vaccines, why didn’t she tell us? Because, as she admits in her book, she believes it’s just fine to lie to people in order to get them to do what she wants.

She admits that she employed “subterfuge” against her boss – President Donald Trump – to implement Covid policies he opposed. So it should be no surprise that she lied to the American people about the efficacy of the Covid shots.

The big question now, after what appears to be a tsunami of vaccine-related injuries, is will anyone be forced to pay for the lies and subterfuge? Will anyone be held to account for the lives lost for the arrogance of the Birxes and Faucis of the world?


Ronald Ernest Paul is an American author, activist, physician and retired politician... whotf is Ronald Ernest Paul? ;) 


"will anyone be forced to pay for the lies and subterfuge? Will anyone be held to account for the lives lost for the arrogance of the Birxes and Fowchis of the world?"  Those are actually not the big questions at all.  The big questions are you ready to mask up again on command?  Isolate again on command?  Get a 'NOT even pharmaceutical grade' jab on command?  ... or whatever new dehumanizing, "beneficial" [snark:smilee] your god/govt asks you to do?  ... just sayin' 

Have a great weekend all 

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zuby just sayin'... 

“This is a message that I wish were pushed more,” Zuby said during an interview with EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders.” “I think we talk too much now in the West about rights, not enough about responsibility. And talking about rights is really important; I talk about rights a lot, but you always have to couple it with responsibility, because with every right comes a responsibility.”


“And I think there’s so much focus on that first part; I have a right to do this, I have a right to do that. This is my right… me, me, me, me, me. It’s really narcissistic and immature,” said Zuby.

He said there is a tendency for progressives to blame everything that happens to a person, especially a non-white person, on their environment, saying they’re being victimized, and not holding that person responsible for their choices.

“So if someone commits a crime, or somebody does something that’s bad or wrong, it’s purely because of environmental and social factors. And if we just had this thing in the right place [progressives think], then that person wouldn’t have done it. It almost goes against this idea of free will,” said Zuby.

“I think this is an attractive thought, number one because it allows people to deny personal responsibility. But also, because there is some truth in it, but they make it absolutist,” he said. “You don’t choose the cards you’re dealt, but you can choose how you play the hand, especially over the course of multiple decades.”

Zuby believes that when people make decisions without considering personal responsibility it leads to the erosion of society.

“It will be outsourced to the state, it will be outsourced to somebody else who can then have control over you and manipulate you,” he said Zuby. This stands for all major issues, from gun rights to abortion. The people on the left are only focused on a woman’s right to choose an abortion but don’t talk about personal responsibility for becoming pregnant in the first place, he added.

Taking the Easy Way Out

“As a species that reproduces, and we all have the capacity and ability to reproduce and a right to reproduce, [but] you’ve got to be careful with that, you’ve got to be smart, you have to make good decisions,” said Zuby.

Zuby believes that people on the left should be honest with their arguments for abortion, and not use it to avoid personal responsibility.

“We all know how babies are made. There are various options, there is abstinence, there is contraception, there is parenthood, there is adoption, those four choices, morally, are all fine. There’s nobody getting killed in any of those choices,” said Zuby.

He likened abortion to slavery, as both are abhorrent, he said.

“When you erode personal responsibility, and you give people an easy out for everything, essentially, then they are going to adjust their behaviors accordingly, en mass,” said Zuby.

“Alright, let’s be honest, there’s a lot of people who just think, oh, you should be able to do whatever you want, exercise every right, have none of the responsibilities, suffer none of the consequences,” added Zuby.

Being hyper-focused on rights and peoples’ feelings is only fueling more problems, said Zuby.


One of the most immoral things happening is the indoctrination of young children with gender ideology, said Zuby.

“People are saying that 11-year-olds, 10-year-olds, 8-year-olds can make extremely serious and life-altering permanent decisions about themselves,” said Zuby.

“And you’re seeing it happening in schools, maybe it started in the universities primarily, but it’s trickled down now to kindergarteners, to 6-year-olds, people wanting to teach 6-year-olds about all kinds of sex and sexuality-related topics and so on,” said Zuby.

Zuby said he has been following the transgender issue since 2015 because he was concerned about its impact on women and children.

“I was saying, well, this is inevitably going to lead to men identifying as women and entering their private spaces or even competing against them in sport, and so on and so forth,” said Zuby. And his friends were calling him alarmist but that is exactly what is happening now, he said.

“On the very first song on my very first album, I have a lyric where I say my ideas are inconceivable, like men giving birth,” said Zuby. “And we’re literally living in a time now where people are advocating and arguing that men can indeed give birth.”

Additionally, the so-called “transgender story hours” in schools concern Zuby. He thinks that people who support this transgender ideology, have disregarded children’s safety and well-being by allowing young children to be sexualized.

“How is that even a reality? Why am I seeing videos of grown men, men, by the way, dancing for little kids and then throwing money at them or little kids dancing for grown men in gay clubs? How on earth? Can anyone look at that and say, oh, yeah, that’s good?” said Zuby.

Epoch Times Photo Drag queens Athena Kills (C) and Scalene Onixxx arrive to awaiting adults and children for Drag Queen Story Hour at Cellar Door Books in Riverside, California, on June 22, 2019. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)

Common Sense in an Absurd World

Zuby said since the start of his freelance career he has always been rooted in common sense but the left has become more unreasonable and radical in its ideology.

“I don’t want to tell people what to think. But I want to tell people to think. I want to encourage thoughts,” said Zuby.

Zuby believes modern society has eroded to the extent it has because people don’t believe there are fundamental truths, including that there are two biological sexes that are inherently different.

“If you can make people believe absurdities, you can get them to commit atrocities, and we’ve seen this play out multiple times over the centuries,” said Zuby.

Like the absurdity that men can give birth, said Zuby. The truth is that there are only two sexes, “and that yes, there’s an overlap in roles, but they are different. And there are certain roles that are unique to each sex; every single person on this earth was birthed from a woman, all of us, every human who’s ever walked the planet,” said Zuby.

Zuby criticized academia, for becoming places of indoctrination instead of learning, something that has caused society to become debased, he said.

“When I say debased, I mean, unmoored and unrooted, from objectivity and reality and wholesomeness and righteousness and goodness, and morality.”

Progress is good when society is rooted in solid moral truths, whether that be religion or other higher truths. If not, people will be disoriented and look for something to fill that gap, said Zuby.

“Because when people are trying to orient themselves, they tend to look up. So, if there’s some maniacal figure or dictator type of person, or authoritarian, who is then giving them [a narrative], it’s easier to sell people on a narrative that way,” said Zuby.

“I mean, if you look at the conditions that led to the rise of someone like Hitler, it was that you look at the situation that the German society was in post-World War I, and leading up to that, people were disoriented,” said Zuby.

Ending the Pandemic of Cowardice

The reason society is such as mess is because people are afraid to speak.

“But we combine this with an epidemic, what I call a pandemic of cowardice, where people who even know the truth are afraid to say it,” said Zuby.

Consequently, governments were able to manipulate people during the pandemic because people were disoriented and afraid, said Zuby.

At this critical juncture in history, speaking up is crucial because we currently are just as susceptible to a Hitler-type leader as any society, said Zuby. “The only two advantages we have over our ancestors are [that we have] better technology and access to history.”

“You know, people don’t necessarily want to be right, they want to be in the majority,” said Zuby. Most people take the least difficult path and stay silent on issues, even if they know what is being done is incorrect or harmful to society.

“You also have to be willing to stand up and say no, if you think that something is wrong, or you think something is going too far, you think somebody is being mistreated, you see something that’s wrong, you have to be able to call it out, even if you’re the first person or the only person.”

Speaking out against the popular narrative, initially, takes courage but becomes easier the more you do it, said Zuby.



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How do nations become wealthy? Many are blessed with abundant natural resources. Others conquer foreign lands. Some specialize in unique trade skills and crafts. Timber, mining, fishing, sugar, rum, narcotics, cotton, silk, agriculture, conquest, human slavery, manufacturing, oil, industry, banking, and so on — depending on the century and the region, nations have attained tremendous wealth in myriad ways. Notice that no nation has managed merely to print money and tax its citizens on the path to prosperity. Real wealth cannot simply be conjured from thin air. There must be recognized value in what a nation and its citizens possess.

  • More than any other source for national wealth, however, one towers above the rest: innovation. The ability of the human mind to create something new and valuable provides society with endless wealth creation. Unlike central bank quantitative easing and other monetary tools (or tricks?), the brain really is a money-printing machine. Whether an innovator alters existing farming, mining, or manufacturing techniques to make production cheaper and more efficient, or an inventor designs something entirely unique, value that did not exist yesterday materializes the next. Innovation is the magic sauce for generating wealth.

If innovation produces wealth, why aren’t all nations wealthy? Because too many nations fail to value innovators or encourage innovation. Without fundamental property rights, strong social institutions, and a dependable legal system, potential inventors have few incentives to build anything new. Humans struggling merely to survive in the world do not waste time, labor, or resources on projects that offer no prospect for future reward. Humans working as servants to the state under centrally controlled economies have no incentive to innovate. Only when private ownership and personal liberty combine can human innovation flourish. Freedom is the secret ingredient to innovation’s magic sauce for increasing wealth.

When economists crunch gross domestic product numbers to see whether a nation’s economy is rising or sinking, a measure of innovation becomes quantifiable. Embedded within that number is something that encapsulates human ingenuity, personal freedom, and property ownership. In this way, economic innovation directly reflects the human condition at any point in time. It provides a measurement of a nation’s freedom.

Now “liberalism” as it is classically understood — as a political philosophy embracing natural rights, limited government, free markets, political and religious freedoms, and freedom of speech, all promoted and protected by an impartial and just rule of law — has always grasped this fundamental truth. Liberty and property rights spawn creativity. Where both are soundly valued, great writers, artists, and inventors produce novelties that would not otherwise exist. It is why medieval Florence birthed at once both modern-day banking and the European Renaissance. The personal freedom to create, build, invest, and own property generates tremendous innovation and national wealth.

What that old Mike white guy is just sayin' =

The great reset (and yes it is still on track) is anti-freedom... anti-innovation...

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is it true that when Obama left office he took over a million documents (of many different classifications) with  him ... on the promise to the 'Archivist' that they would be copied and returned?  ... and that they are still in private hands / stored in an 'office' in Chicago?

would that be a classic examples of politicize the 'system', run double standards,  and punish your enemies ? ...just sayin'

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Following the old ru marxist style playbook almost to the letter, Trump has been destroyed by selectively using the tools of the system against him.

To the psychopathic ‘elites’, their agents and  puppets in the deep state, and their duped minions in the public (statist/’socialistic’/redistributionist progressives and dependents, etc.),  DeSantis is now much more ‘dangerous’ than Trump...

For snicks, let’s see how he is handled - by the system, by the ‘parties’, by the media... just saying.

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“threat to democracy” 

If you understand that “democracy” is code word for ‘socialism’ (and that ‘socialism’ is code for ‘globalism’, etc, etc), then you begin to understand why biden, media, campaigners galore are splaying the term all over the place... just sayin’

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FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried, a philanthropath wannabe, was hailed as the white knight of the crypto exchange ‘industry’... was, welcomed to ‘assist’ in writing crypto legislation and regulations, etc etc... Well just because he got caught stealing billions doesn’t mean he’s no longer a white knight...relatively, he’s still the cleanest most upstanding player in that whole game ;) ... just sayin’ 

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Plandemic = Lies going in - lies coming out  (see covid posts herein starting circa Jan 2020 ... )

Not sayin’ I'm certain about this -  but the question is valid --- did Damar Hamlin really suffer from vaccine-induced myocarditis?  Vaccine-induced myocarditis must be considered in the differential diagnosis because the whole team is “100% vaccinated team” with experimental gene based vaccines  for COVID-19 - which have produced not a few similar conditions.  These serious reactions typically occur in older subjects but the young and  anyone at or near the tipping point of inflammation are vulnerable... and elite athletes are consistently at that tipping point - even more so deep into the season...

Just saying - One of the symptoms of corrupted science is the conflation of ‘verifiable’ with actually ‘verified’.  Billions of people took vaccines - following the (FALSE) science that intentionally furnished them (FALSE)  scientific credibility - because they are verifiable.  But they were never verified.  They are still NOT verified !!!!  Brave new world where if your pharm inc. has the right connections  you can now profitably dispense just about any old Lagevrio with impunity way before it has been verified - as long as it’s ostensibly 'verifiable'

Just sayin’...

For alternaltive snicks and giggles see -

https://www.naturalhealth365.com/covid-shot-makers-to-investigate-harm-caused-by-their-injections.html  (of course there’s no way they could ever manipulate their data... )




... and now in a related story , Africa, which has the lowest vaccinated %'s in the world... and also the lowest incidence and complications from covid in the world hm ??? - is in the crosshairs of the WEF this year ... = billions more for the pharmCartels... all under the guise of "equity"  (btw, "equity" is now a consistently applied centralization/globalist buzzword/tell... watch for it coming to a propaganda near you...just sayin)

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Lies going in - Lies coming out 

A few brains may be interested why I’ve banged on plandemic  “Lies going in - lies coming out”  for literally years now in here.  The biggest reason is that I now discuss other things with fellow traders besides trading because, thankfully, the ‘voice of trading’ has finally died - up here and in other forums too.  Something similar to the death of the ‘voice of trading’ needs to happen globally with viruses and p(L)andemic hoaxes.

From years ago - 
“... you need to understand that so-called epidemics are very big business. Vaccine business. Pharma business. Government business. 
The public is married to the whole idea of viruses. Viruses are embraced as basic seeds of medical reality. From those seeds bloom all sorts of unshakable facts about illness. Virus does this, virus causes that, prevent virus from taking hold with a shot—news about viruses is as commonplace and familiar as pots and pans are in kitchens. “Everybody knows about viruses.”
Of course, everybody doesn’t know about viruses, but they think they do.

[As in the ]case of Swine Flu, where what everybody knew as a fundamental fact of reality was wrong.
The virus wasn’t there.

As a researcher once wrote me, “Pepsi, Coke, McDonald’s, ice cream, viruses. They’re the pillars, the foundation stones. But you’d be surprised how often we’re guessing about viruses. We say they’re there, causing a disease. We give a name to the disease, and the public salutes. We’re taking a stab in the dark. If we admitted it, our whole operation would crash…”

You can doubt what the President is saying. You can doubt the Congress, the FBI, the CIA, and the IRS. You can doubt all the mega-corporations. You can doubt Mickey Mouse and the Pope. But when you doubt viruses, you’re committing heresy, because medical science is a super-religion. Its basic tenets are “self-evident.” They must be. They have to be.”


The map is not the thing mapped. Diagrams are not the thing diagrammed.  Images are not the thing imaged.  The painful truth is science does not yet even know exactly what ‘viruses’ are.  Plandemics work because people will do anything they can to maintain their grip on illusions and ‘biases’.  Much like the times when a shared image of a flat earth prevailed, the humans on the planet have built a shared coolektive ’image’ of what viruses are - built from decades of (misguided and false) ‘research’, (false) memes, and propaganda.  Check inside - you’ve likely got your own  quite certain vision of what viruses are - eensty teentsy little almost ‘alive’ creatures ...  but the painful truth is scientists and the rest of us do not even know exactly what ‘viruses’ are, where they come from, how they act interact - whether they are causative or just correlated pecker tracks of ‘diseases’... Most importantly, we don't even know if they really exist.  Evidence for bigfoot is just about as good as the evidence for viruses.    And all the ‘treatments’ are still much like hundreds of years ago when folk practitioners developed ways to deal with bacteria, fungi, etc without having a clue what they really were...  albeit, ‘treatments’ and 'interventions' are tremendously profitable these days.  Anyways, the map is not the thing mapped. Diagrams are not the thing diagrammed. Images are not the thing imaged.  Again, the painful truth - science does not even know exactly what ‘viruses’ are.

See last 4 paragraphs at https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2023/02/15/corona-baloney-its-the-money-honey-2/  , etc....

have a great weekend all 


ps thx Debbie for the 'cultural misappropriation' in this topic ... keep it up ... " pump it till you bust" (or you get Sidewinder'd down)

Edited by zdo

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Looks like most people don’t know tyranny - even when it engineered what might be the biggest wealth transfer in the shortest amount of time in frkn ever, burka’d their faces, locked them indoors, censored or canceled them if they went off script, made them show papers, and force medicated them with unverified concoctions..... just sayin'...

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    • I always buy the dip when it hits some key MA line and also if the price is near some key round level like 4000 points at S&P 500. I guess it is an extremely safe trade. 
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