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Good gawd this forum sucks, and I'm about to introduce something that is destined to die in the weeds...


This forum used to be kind of a fun place to hang out; not so much anymore. The "golden C's" have filled the void. If you are a new trader, I would advise that you run... not walk from this place. For those that would choose to continue... some levity may be a good thing.


After fifty some odd years, I went back to read (reread) Jack London's "Call of the Wild". I couldn't say that my first reading was a pivotal moment in my life, but there are some parallels to learning to trade that may be of some small value to beginning traders... or not... it's more a matter of my own amusement...


Anyone else got anything of mention to add (for my amusement... or your own)?

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You sound really pessimistic... Can nothing save this website at all?


Well... first off... you are not amusing me. Do you have a bit inspirational reading that you may want to add? What you may add to the conversation doesn't have to be earth shaking, just a matter of joining a conversation about something other than "trading" is at hand. An act of creative thinking that may catch the interest of other thinking humans.


There was at one time a community of aspiring traders (some who had achieved) who frequented this site. The reasons for why this site has devolved into what it currently is, could be attributed to the notion: "everything good comes to an end". It may be that it just couldn't support it's own weight. It may come back, but I see no indication of that... thus far.


If you are an aspiring trader, or you have achieved, I think it would be agreed that this business can be a tough nut to crack. From a personal perspective, I feel no need to talk trading all the time... it's kind of boring (I love this shit... I know my objectives and I don't need to waste time with yours) but, it is a pleasant thing to interact with others of a like mind. If one were to check out "the pic of the day" thread, there were people interacting around something other than trading. This was a good thing... it's a community thing, and something sorely missing.


I'll close this all too unamusing statement by saying that in all honesty, I have not learned a damn thing from anyone on this site (save a couple of key interactions...you know who you are because I've thanked you). It's just good to have like minded folks to converse with. Nothing more...

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One 90-year-old woman is proving that age is just a number as she was filmed water skiing in an Oklahoma lake.


Millie Sullens turned heads as she glided on the surface of Lake Tenkiller on Tuesday.


Sullens was invited come to the lake by marina owner Kevin Dudley after he saw video of her water skiing.


"It's such a remarkable feat to be 90-years-old and doing this. I don't know very many people in the world that could accomplish that," he told KFSM-TV.


Dudley took control of the boat as Sullens went for a ride on her skis. She waved to people around, even giving a thumbs up.


She learned how to ski when she was 34 from her husband, who has since passed.


She now teaches her great-grandchildren how to water ski.


“It's like you got the whole world by yourself and when you get a new skier you live that same thing,” she told KFSM-TV. “I just have fun teaching everybody and following them across the waters.”

MSN UK | Latest news, Hotmail sign in, Outlook email, Skype, live scores

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How about some inspirational writing ? I'll go first



It was the summer of 1961 and already long past midnight when Ivor Novello Vestor arrived at the home of his late, great aunt Agnes to begin the process of winding up the affairs of the dearly departed and preparing her uninhabited estate for sale.


The great mansion that had stood in it’s 400 acre grounds for centuries was perfectly silhouetted against the full moon, a symbol it seemed to him, of defiance against the rapidly expanding modern world of commerce he had just left behind in the City of London.


And yet, as the taxi that had brought him from the station made it’s way back to the front gate, Vestor also knew that this house was the result of commercial endeavour undertaken in a bygone age. An era where trading in commodities occasionally involved the discovery of parts of the world previously unknown.


How exciting it must have been, he thought as he searched for the front door key. But the key was not to be found.

It had been many years since Vestor had last visited the house and he remembered it well..But one thing he couldn’t recall was the sign by the doorbell which read ‘ Thinking of opening the door’


Well, quite, he was indeed thinking how to open the door when, suddenly, the door did just open, seemingly by itself. And yet, it had only opened once Vestor had focused on the problem and had been guided by the sign by the doorbell. A sign that was a clue. And clues dear reader, are what eventually lead to conclusions. The problem being that clues are all around yet conclusions too often come from within and not always are they correct. Still, on this occasion it had worked perfectly well.


Now that Vestor had opened the door without using the key he thought he needed, indeed a key he never possessed, he was ready to begin his journey. …


To be continued

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It wasn’t until the following morning, that Vestor decided it was time to explore the house in it’s entirety, room by room. Little did he know that the more determined he was to familiarise himself with every facet of this great mansion, the chances were he would be better off taking up permanent residence rather than putting up the house for sale, such was the scale of the task before him.


Having fallen into a fitful sleep on the rug in front of the fireplace in the great hall the previous night, he was determined to discover why he had found every single room in the house was locked. Perhaps this morning he could repeat the success that he had had with the front door.


And so it was that he soon found himself standing in front of a door that had his name written all over it. Trying the handle Vestor found that the door opened easily into what appeared to be an ante room. Had he been compelled to describe this room in one word he would have chosen the word ‘simple’. Although looking around the room it did appear to have some elegance to it that was in keeping with the rest of the house, or so he imagined, as he was yet to find another room that wasn’t locked. However, he was soon bored with it and was keen to discover something far more lavish, exotic even, that would meet with his expectations.


It was the sound of a piano playing ‘Come all ye faithful’ that drew him to the west wing of the house and, having turned down the hall he was immediately confronted by the sight of a crowd of people gathered around a large grand piano.


It must have been a very elegant instrument at one time, but unfortunately someone had painted it in a pathetic attempt to make it appear as though it were gold plated. From a distance it may have fooled many, but more disturbing for Vestor was the distinct impression he had that everyone in the room was waiting for their turn to give a rendition of ‘Come all ye faithful'. That and the fact that they all appeared to be wearing baseball caps with the word ‘Coach’ written on them.


As he made his way back to the great hall he passed a constant steam of people who seemed to be in a desperate hurry to reach the room he had just left. They all had another thing in common. Each held a cheque book in one hand and a large crayon in the other. They also had a sign on their back with the word 'sucker' though it was written in many different languages.


To be continued

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Two years had passed, though Vestor had lost track of time ever since he had first entered the house. He had learned some interesting lessons, yet his trading account continued to dwindle and he feared that unless something turned up soon he would no longer be able to continue on his current path.


His creditors were pressing for the sale of the estate and the pressure often drove him to seek solace in the small ante room he had discovered in the early days. Sometimes he wished he had never arrived at this house, and at other times he hoped he would never have to leave. If ever a man was so close to the truth, yet so far away from realising it, that man was Vestor.


Whenever he saw success in the market it gave him hope. Yet whenever he saw failure his first instinct was to try unlocking the doors that still remained firmly shut. It is sometimes said in life that when one door closes another one opens, which is a way of saying opportunities abound. But for Vestor, doors and the rooms they gave passage to, were often the cause of his endless frustration.


On rare occasions he encountered what he initially thought was his twin brother, usually upon entering the library. But he soon realised it was merely himself in a previous incarnation deep in study and completely unaware of his future presence.


In his frustration one overriding thought always remained, he must either reach a workable solution or be forced to leave the house forever.


“The answer is somewhere in this house god damn it” he heard himself shouting down the telephone to his broker who had informed him that he was now low on margin. Vestor was right. The answer was indeed in this house, for Vestor was there himself.


To be continued.

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This recommendation for something to read would fall into the category of “it may not cure what ails you, but it won't kill you”…


If I were to take on students, a precursor to receiving my instruction would be several months of learning the practice of meditation and mindfulness. I don't think formal instruction is necessary, but just an introduction through your own reading, and daily practice would suffice.


I've heard the claims that “pure” systems traders make about trading with no fear: “I trust the system, and there is no fear in trading the system”. I would not (could not) dispute that claim; if it's true for you then it's true. I have no argument one way or the other (though I do question the assertion). Regardless, as I mentioned at the top: “it won't kill you”.


I approach most everything in life and learning in a practical and pragmatic manner, and I would not encourage devoting a great deal of time to meditation; thirty minutes a day is all it takes to begin to understand mindfulness. There are a great many claims about the benefits of mindfulness, but I think (in a practical sense) for traders, the benefit comes in learning to listen to the thoughts that stream into your consciousness in a passive rather than reactionary manner.


For what it's worth, it has helped me; not so much in dealing with fear, but in my thought process leading up to trade entry, managing the trade and making the exit. For the record, my problems came with being a little too fearless and aggressive. It has helped with that aspect too… though I'm still a work in progress. I've read all the books that are listed, and while I claim no expertise on the subject, it is where I started…


Meditation: An In-Depth Guide



As to trading and mindfulness:

Trade Mindfully: Achieve Your Optimum Trading Performance with Mindfulness and Cutting Edge Psychology


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radingmotion is like a store of many trading systems, through it, people can buy systems that fit their needs, the cost of some systems is very high, that after waiting to see if the situation improved did not happen, that the losses exceed 60%

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    • The only thing I'd disagree with is "compared to a trend following approach." Many Ultra systems were fully or partially trend-following.  And I haven't seen any trend-following systems (not counting over-optimized with little real-time exposure ) that have worked very well over the last 15 years. The only one I use is a simple one with a very unique filter (not found in Ultra or anywhere else to my knowledge). But the UltraFS systems are as good as any of the trend-following strategies I'm aware of.
    • I pefer to consider how decisive the candle is when looking at the market sentiment at that exact moment. I think it's a more reliable source of information.
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    • Very long time since I made last post. Thought about posting one chart. Stock name is masked intentionally as I am having position. My views may be biased. My way of viewing chart. Chart is self explanatory
    • Litecoin Price Prediction Today: Daily (LTC) Value Forecast – July 18   LTC/USD Medium-term Trend: Bearish ·         Resistance Levels: $100, $110, $120 ·         Support levels: $90, $80, $70 Yesterday, July 17, the price of Litecoin was in a bullish trend. On July 16, the downward correction ended at the price of $80 price level. The $80 support level was the previous low of April 11 and May 6. The support level is holding as the bulls made an upward move towards the EMAs. On the upside, if the bulls break above the 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA, the crypto’s price will rise and retest the $140 overhead resistance level. However, the bulls are likely to face resistance at the $120 price level.The MACD line and the signal line are below the zero line which indicates a sell signal.     LTC/USD Short-term Trend: Bullish On the 1-hour chart, the LTC price is in a bullish trend. The 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA are trending upward because the price has commenced an upward movement. On July 16, in the downtrend, the bears reached a low of $76 but pulled back above the $80 price level.   Yesterday, the bulls broke above the EMAs and commenced ranging below the $94 price level. Today the bulls have broken the $94 resistance level and  are approaching the high of $100.The MACD line and the signal line are above the zero line which indicates a buy signal.     The views and opinions expressed here do not reflect that of BitcoinExchangeGuide.com and do not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research.   Source: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.co
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