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Count Down Timer

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I have a countdown timer that was written for TS but it will not compile for MC. I have the code below if somebody can help me to get it to compile.






{ _TimerExample4


v1.1 6 February 2012


Designed for TradeStation 9


This code is a simple bar countdown timer for minute bars.




using elsystem;


vars: int TXID(0),


IntrabarPersist Countdown_Text(" time"),


IntrabarPersist mins(0), IntrabarPersist secs(0),

IntrabarPersist mins_str(""), IntrabarPersist secs_str(""),


IntrabarPersist Guess(true),




Timer Timer(null);



//This is the Timer event. Note that we've seperated out the 'time left in bar' calculation,

// and the 'display text' calculation into their own methods. And then we call them from

// this event. This is good coding practice.

method void Timer1_Elapsed( Object sender, TimerElapsedEventArgs args )


Calc_Time_Remaining(); //Calculate the amount of time remaining


Display_Text(); //Display the amount of time remaining




//Calculate the amount of time remaining in the bar

// This is reasonably complex, but isn't particularly relevant to how the Timer object works

// so you don't need to understand it

method void Calc_Time_Remaining()


//If its the end of a bar then set the countdown to the bar interval

if BarStatus(1) = 2 then begin

mins = BarInterval;

secs = 0;


Guess = false;


//We're turning the time off and on here just to sync it correctly with the bar end

Timer1.Enable = false;

Timer1.Enable = true;


//This is our first guess at the bar time, before we have a bar end to sync properly.

// It uses your computer clock to work out roughly how much time is left in a bar.

else if Guess then begin

mins = time - CurrentTime;

secs = 60 - SecondsFromDateTime(ComputerDateTime);

if secs = 60 then secs = 0;

if secs > 0 then mins = mins - 1;


//Countdown our timer

else begin

secs = secs - Countdown_seconds;

if secs < 0 then begin


secs = 9;




//Set our Countdown_Text variable to the correct string


secs_str = NumToStr(secs, 0);

if strlen(secs_str) = 1 then secs_str = "0" + secs_str;

Countdown_Text = " " + mins_str +":" + secs_str;





//Display our countdown text

method void Display_Text()


Text_SetString(TXID, Countdown_Text);

Text_SetLocation(TXID, date, time, Close);

Text_SetStyle(TXID, 0, 2);

Text_SetColor(TXID, yellow);





//This author uses 'once' to initialize objects. Other authors may use

// AnalysisTechnique_Initialize, or a component dragged and dropped from the

// ToolBox. All approaches are equally valid, they are just down to the

// authors style.



//Create the Timer, set it to update every second, but don't start it yet

Timer1 = new elsystem.Timer;

Timer1.Interval = Countdown_seconds * 1000;

Timer1.Elapsed += Timer1_Elapsed;


//Create the text to display the countdown

TXID = Text_New(date, time, close, Countdown_Text);




//When the first real-time tick arrives...

if GetAppInfo(aiRealTimeCalc) = 1 then begin

//...start the Timer

Timer1.Enable = true;


//Set the amount of time left in a bar at the end of every bar

if BarStatus(1) = 2 then begin






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