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Help About Geometric Mean

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I need help about my study (for a daily chart)


I want to insert in the study a 2 year moving average (geometric mean) of the next-day returns following an up day and a down day


here is the code: with an error (Floating-point Invalid Operation Exception)


what do you think?


Inputs :
 Price(Close), GeometricMeanLength(500);

  PriceUp(False), PriceDn(False),
  NextDayReturnUp(0), CounterUp(0), NextDayReturnUpGeometricMean(0),
  NextDayReturnDn(0), CounterDn(0), NextDayReturnDnGeometricMean(0);

  NextDayReturnUpDate[1000](0), NextDayReturnUpBar[1000](0), NextDayReturnUpVal[1000](0),
  NextDayReturnDnDate[1000](0), NextDayReturnDnBar[1000](0), NextDayReturnDnVal[1000](0);

PriceUp = Price[1] > Price[2];
PriceDn = Price[1] <= Price[2];

If PriceUp then
  NextDayReturnUp = ((Price-Price[1])/Price[1])*100;
  For Value1 = 0 to GeometricMeanLength
     NextDayReturnUpDate[1000-Value1] = NextDayReturnUpDate[1000-Value1];
     NextDayReturnUpBar[1000-Value1] = NextDayReturnUpBar[1000-Value1];
     NextDayReturnUpVal[1000-Value1] = NextDayReturnUpVal[1000-Value1];
  NextDayReturnUpDate[0] = Date;
  NextDayReturnUpBar[0] = BarNumber;
  NextDayReturnUpVal[0] = NextDayReturnUp;
  CounterUp = CounterUp + 1;
  If CounterUp > GeometricMeanLength then
     NextDayReturnUpGeometricMean = GeometricMean(NextDayReturnUp, GeometricMeanLength);

If PriceDn then
  NextDayReturnDn = ((Price-Price[1])/Price[1])*100;
  For Value1 = 0 to GeometricMeanLength
     NextDayReturnDnDate[1000-Value1] = NextDayReturnDnDate[1000-Value1];
     NextDayReturnDnBar[1000-Value1] = NextDayReturnDnBar[1000-Value1];
     NextDayReturnDnVal[1000-Value1] = NextDayReturnDnVal[1000-Value1];
  NextDayReturnDnDate[0] = Date;
  NextDayReturnDnBar[0] = BarNumber;
  NextDayReturnDnVal[0] = NextDayReturnDn;
  CounterDn = CounterDn + 1;
  If CounterDn > GeometricMeanLength then
     NextDayReturnDnGeometricMean = GeometricMean(NextDayReturnDn, GeometricMeanLength);

Plot1( NextDayReturnUp, "NextDayReturnUp" );
Plot2( NextDayReturnDn, "NextDayReturnDn" );
plot3(0, "Zero");
Plot4( NextDayReturnUpGeometricMean, "NextDayReturnUpGeometricMean");
Plot5( NextDayReturnDnGeometricMean , "NextDayReturnDnGeometricMean");


and the geometric mean function


{ Geometric Mean }
  Price(NumericSeries), Length(NumericSimple);

  Product(0), ix(0);

Product = 1;
For ix = 0 to Length-1 
  Product = Product * Price[ix];
GeometricMean = Power(Product, 1/Length);


thank you


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i always have the same error


Any help would be apprecied


here the screenshot about what i want to do:


The graph below shows a 5-year moving average (geometric average) of the next-day returns on the S&P 500 following an up day (red) and a down day (blue) from 1950 to 06/2008.


(1) returns have been normalized by subtracting the average return of all days in each observation period to remove the influence of bull vs bear markets,

(2) averages are geometric.





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