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Found 7 results

  1. This is a quote from EasyLanguage Help: I tried using this reserved word in an indicator to change the color of a price bar, and got the error msg: I guess I would need to recreate the main part of my code inside a PaintBar study in order to paint the bar. So I'd have the code for the same study running twice. Once for the lower study, and once to paint the bar. Hopefully EasyLanguage will consolidate everything into one and just have indicators.
  2. I'm trying to build an EL code for colour bars. Losely based on Jerry's Shapiro effect entry stlye. The basic idea is if Current Bar H > last bar High then colour green if Current bar L < last bar low then colour red If CB H>LB H and CB L< LB L then colour black. It would be good if it updated intrabar as the black changing to green or black would be a great alert to a move away from value. Thanks VT
  3. In your opinion, what is the best Paintbar in EL (for TS or MultiChart) ? And where can I find a free Kwikpop style Paintbar like this :
  4. What I have below is what I had hoped to be the firs step in making VPCI into a PaintBar Study....it will verify, but just paints every bar. The end result was supposed to be GREEN colored vbars for when VPCI is greater than Ave VPCI (or VPCI Smooth) AND greater than Zero. RED when VPCI is less than VPCI Smooth AND less than zero. WHITE or not painted when VPCI and its relation to zero are not in sync. I am new as can be at this and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thank You. inputs: Price( Close ), Length1( 5 ), Length2( 20 ), VPCIAvgLen( 20 ) ; variables: VolValue( 0 ), VolumeSum1( 0 ), VolumeSum2( 0 ), VWMA1( 0 ), VWMA2( 0 ), VP( 0 ), VPR( 0 ), VM( 0 ), VPCI( 0 ), AvgVPCI( 0 ) ; if BarType >= 2 then { not tick/minute data } VolValue = Volume else VolValue = Ticks ; VolumeSum1 = Summation( VolValue, Length1 ) ; if VolumeSum1 > 0 then VWMA1 = Summation( Price * VolValue , Length1 ) / VolumeSum1 ; VolumeSum2 = Summation( VolValue, Length2 ) ; if VolumeSum2 > 0 then VWMA2 = Summation( Price * VolValue , Length2 ) / VolumeSum2 ; VP = VWMA2 - Average( Price, Length2 ) ; if Average( Low, Length1) > 0 then VPR = VWMA1 / Average( Low, Length1 ) ; if Average( VolValue, Length2 )> 0 then VM = Average( VolValue, Length1 ) / Average( VolValue, Length2 ) ; VPCI = VP * VPR * VM ; AvgVPCI = Average( VPCI, VPCIAvgLen ) ; If (VPCI > AvgVPCI) and (VPCI > 0) Then PlotPaintBar (High, Low);
  5. Hi Im trying to make an indicator that closts info on the char such as a DOT but also want to change that bars colour! I have tried creating a paintbar to do this but cant plot dots i dont think! is there anyway to change the colour of a candle in and indicator then? or how do i create and indicator which can colour a paintbar as well as plotting info? Thanks
  6. Hi guys..... can someone please help me....I've been racking my brains for hours :crap: I don't like to ask unless I've tried myself though... :doh: so here it is: I like to use the Scalper Alert but would like to see the trigger bar painted to get an early warning of the swing high bar being painted....similar to PBFs yellow trigger bars. {Scalper Buys and Sells 7/18/2007 Written by Luis Gomez inspired by John Carters "Mastering the Trade" } inputs: buyColor(white), sellColor(white), width(1); variables: highBarsAgo(1), possibleHighBarsAgo(1), possibleHigh(-2), hightoBeat(-1), barsSincePaint(1), lowBarsAgo(1), possibleLowBarsAgo(1), possibleLow(10000001), lowtoBeat(10000000), triggerPriceSell(-1), triggerPriceBuy(1000000), trend(1), _UP(1), _DOWN(-1), _ON(1), _OFF(-1); //*************************************************** //****** Find and plot the highest swing high ******* //*************************************************** if trend = _UP then begin if swingHighBar(1,H,2,barsSincePaint+2) > -1 then begin possibleHighBarsAgo = swingHighBar(1,H,2,barsSincePaint+2); possibleHigh = H[possibleHighBarsAgo]; end; if possibleHigh >= hightoBeat then begin highBarsAgo = possibleHighBarsAgo; hightoBeat = possibleHigh; triggerPriceSell = L[HighBarsAgo - 1]; end; if C < triggerPriceSell and highest(high,highBarsAgo) < hightoBeat then begin plotpb[highBarsAgo](H[highBarsAgo],L[highBarsAgo],"",sellColor); alert("Scalper Sell"); trend = _DOWN; barsSincePaint = highBarsAgo-1; hightoBeat = -1; lowtoBeat = 10000000; triggerPriceBuy = 10000000; triggerPriceSell = -1; highBarsAgo = 1; possibleHigh = -2; end; end; //*************************************************** //****** Find and plot the lowest swing low ********* //*************************************************** if trend = _DOWN then begin if swingLowBar(1,L,2,barsSincePaint+2) > -1 then begin possibleLowBarsAgo = swingLowBar(1,L,2,barsSincePaint+2); possibleLow = L[possibleLowBarsAgo]; end; if possibleLow <= lowtoBeat then begin lowBarsAgo = possibleLowBarsAgo; lowtoBeat = possibleLow; triggerPriceBuy = H[LowBarsAgo - 1]; end; if C > triggerPriceBuy and lowest(L,lowBarsAgo) > lowtoBeat then begin plotpb[lowBarsAgo](H[lowBarsAgo],L[lowBarsAgo],"",buyColor); alert("Scalper Buy"); trend = _UP; barsSincePaint = lowBarsAgo-1; possibleLow = 10000001; lowtoBeat = 10000000; hightoBeat = -1; triggerPriceBuy = 10000000; triggerPriceSell = -1; lowBarsAgo = 1; end; end; barsSincePaint = barsSincePaint+1; if trend = _UP then highBarsAgo = highBarsAgo + 1; if trend = _DOWN then lowBarsAgo = lowBarsAgo + 1; setPlotWidth(1,width); Thanks a lot.
  7. Hi all I need help with TS paint bar I like to paint bar with MACD Histogram colors inputs: FastLength( 12 ), SlowLength( 26 ), MACDLength( 9 ) , HistabvZeroUpColor(Green), HistabvZeroDwnColor(DarkGreen), HistblwZeroFallColor(Red), HistblwZeroRiseColor(DarkRed); variables: MACDValue(0), MACDAvg(0), MACDDiff(0); MACDValue = MACD( Close, FastLength, SlowLength ); MACDAvg = XAverage(MACDValue, MACDLength); MACDDiff = MACDValue - MACDAvg ; Plot1( MACDValue, "MACD" ) ; Plot2( MACDAvg, "MACDAvg" ) ; {Plot3( MACDDiff, "MACDDiff" ) ;} Plot4( 0, "ZeroLine" ) ; var:color(0); plot3(MACDDiff,"MACDDiff",color); if MACDDiff > 0 Then begin If MacdDiff > MacdDiff[1] then setplotcolor(3, HistabvZeroUpColor) else setplotcolor(3, HistabvZeroDwnColor); end; if MACDDiff < 0 Then begin If MACDDiff < MACDDiff[1]then setplotcolor(3, HistblwZeroFallColor) else setplotcolor(3, HistblwZeroRiseColor); end; { Alert criteria } if MACDDiff crosses over 0 then Alert( "Bullish alert" ) thanks in advance
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