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  1. Here is the code thanks for all the help This set-up work 9 out of 10 time for reversal or end of the trend on 2 minuets chart with VC setting is (+7 and -7) with extreme volume sean
  2. its look great on the pic its what i am looking for but i have hard time to convert the code to Show-me its give me error message Can you add ELD to down load or post the code for show-me thanks
  3. i am looking to get over-B and over-S (+8 or -8 )reading from valuechart as Show-Me on the the price/bar chart thanks
  4. Can any one know how to program value-chart indicator as Show-me Thanks in advance Sean
  5. wow speed of light - great thanks
  6. Hi all I need help with TS paint bar I like to paint bar with MACD Histogram colors inputs: FastLength( 12 ), SlowLength( 26 ), MACDLength( 9 ) , HistabvZeroUpColor(Green), HistabvZeroDwnColor(DarkGreen), HistblwZeroFallColor(Red), HistblwZeroRiseColor(DarkRed); variables: MACDValue(0), MACDAvg(0), MACDDiff(0); MACDValue = MACD( Close, FastLength, SlowLength ); MACDAvg = XAverage(MACDValue, MACDLength); MACDDiff = MACDValue - MACDAvg ; Plot1( MACDValue, "MACD" ) ; Plot2( MACDAvg, "MACDAvg" ) ; {Plot3( MACDDiff, "MACDDiff" ) ;} Plot4( 0, "ZeroLine" ) ; var:color(0); plot3(MACDDiff,"MACDDiff",color); if MACDDiff > 0 Then begin If MacdDiff > MacdDiff[1] then setplotcolor(3, HistabvZeroUpColor) else setplotcolor(3, HistabvZeroDwnColor); end; if MACDDiff < 0 Then begin If MACDDiff < MACDDiff[1]then setplotcolor(3, HistblwZeroFallColor) else setplotcolor(3, HistblwZeroRiseColor); end; { Alert criteria } if MACDDiff crosses over 0 then Alert( "Bullish alert" ) thanks in advance
  7. great job Is DeltaDivergence indicator give signal only at the hi and low of the day? sean
  8. great job Is DeltaDivergence indicator give signal only at the hi and low of the day? sean
  9. thanks cane you post link for balance of raw upVol and dnVol sean
  10. Its work pretty good but there is something with the bid and ask indicator I am adding pic that show Some time there is more Down vol then Up vol But its give green line on the indicator Some time there is more Up vol then Down vol But its give red line on the indicator thanks/sean
  11. This is not working real time I am still getting (green or up candle) and red negative ticks (more down ticks) I am trying to get different color when there is Divergence between price action and tick action Thanks in advance sean
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