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  1. cnms2 thank you for the link and advise it will help me understand better. Spydertrader I was drawing the Gaussian after and not before the price reaction. I will study more than try another post to see if I am learning. Thanks to all
  2. This maybe good maybe bad, but my focus is trying to understand the volume Gaussians. Trying to learn like all of you, been lurking and reading in the background for some time now. So here goes my first attempt at this thread.:crap: My biggest question is do you drawn the Gaussians base on volume bars to match the price bars in the channel above or do you randomly draw them in the volume plain to match above?
  3. thanks Wind, I will look into it. What I am trying to do is plot the chart with out showing the gaps between sessions so I can draw the channels easier and hopefully learn to see the volume Gaussians as you are doing. What charting package are you using?
  4. Anyone using ninja-trader? I cannot seem to find a way to show my charts without gaps? Can you please help me? Having the most difficult time understand Gaussian line. :crap:I can see the tapes and traverses on volume pane without trouble.
  5. do you know how to make a de-gapped chart with ninja-trader?

  6. I looked it up ok just did not understand it. "Text_New(cDt,tTm,23,"Up") draws "Up" at 23 on cDt at tTm" now that I cut and pasted it, it does make more sense. I also looked it up on the help menu and found a variable that let me place text. Your positioning idea work well there also but I can't center the word under the candle. I am now looking alt keys for different symbols to use.
  7. Thanks Tam position works great. can you give me an example on how to use text_new? I have tried a few but it is not working for me. If you don't use showme, how do you write a indicator to plot a marker symbol above a candle formation like engulfing bullish pattern?
  8. Thanks Tams for the quick reply I have admired your work for for some time now. I have attached a screen shot with some notes on it hope this helps. Just in case you can not read the notes. I want to be able to ad code to different showme indicators so I can move the plot location to above or below the candle and not on top of as shown. I would also like ad both a hollow and solid arrowhead and triangles. And anything other symbol that can be coded and added to showme or indicators. If you go to the format analysis technique page, under the style tab, in the type box as shown.
  9. Can anybody please help? I know that I am not alone in wanting to add different symbol type chart plots to my list in showme like arrows, triangles hollow or solid, etc. Like you see in most of the 3rd party addons products available for purchase. My problem is becoming a programer or a expert at easylangauge that is not so easy. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Can anyone convert any of these to tradestation?
  11. Happy Holidays and thanks you all for sharing. Enjoy your friends and family. May you all have a banner year trading in 2008 Chuck
  12. Ok I am your student can I write a strategy for tradestation with hull ma with volume surge?
  13. trying to merge two different indecator into a new one and need help with coding for tradestation 8.3. I want to create a new indicator that will plot cumulative sum open interest plus OBV at the same time. :crap:
  14. I am trying to write a strategy that makes long entry when the faster ma crosses over the slower one with a volume surge to show trend and not fire false orders in baseing or channeling. :crap: Example 6ma crossing over 18ma with volume surge to show trend up then buy at next bar and exit when 2ma crosses under the 6 ma.
  15. I spent the hour or so reading all the post on this subject and now I am totally confused. Has anyone come up with a good average starting point or average for the number of share bars and what moving averages are you using?
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