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  1. For the most part I'd call it a scam in the same sense as a casino. The house has an advantage. They will play lots of games with you if you're successful. They'll lock you out of the platform, quote your stop even if the market didn't, things like that. Firms have even said that if you're winning then they assume you're cheating and that's their excuse for locking you out. It's happened to more people than just me. How would you feel if your broker refused to get you out of a trade? I've closed all my s/bet accounts and just trade direct access. I would advise against s/betting. But then again most people lose so they won't even notice the tricks.
  2. Hey Guys, I'm not really looking to start a topic here. I was just creating a worksheet for myself to see a couple different R:R scenarios and worst case break even percentages. I figured there's got to be someone else who would appreciate this so here you go. jj's money management.xls
  3. Nial, that's a nice theory. "Price action trading" sounds great but it's a really broad term. What does one actually mean by that? Price is going up thus price action says to get long? What if it pulls back right there as soon as you buy? Are you talking about breaking highs/lows or about speed of bar formation or something totally different? Maybe a specific trade you would take with an accompanying chart would explain a lot. People become very anti-indicator when in fact some are very, very helpful. For example what if you were adept at reading cycles and realized you were topping. You could then ignore any 'price action' that would get you long. It's a matter of balance. I would love to see what a 'price action' trade actually is though so please share.
  4. I would have given you a bit of respect if you had of, in your original post, said I searched google, I tried their suggestions, I contacted customer support and tried their suggestions and still can't connect. Then I would have been more inclined to take a 1/2 hr to write out proper connection procedure for what you're trying to do. I'll tell you what, if you follow my above suggestions and still can't get it fixed then I will get you setup and running.
  5. Well what did you expect really? I see it all the time, a newbie comes in, got his hands on a copy of pirated software and then instead of searching google for an answer, just post here for someone else to do all the work. Newbie's want all free stuff and someone else to do all the work. That is, by the way, one of the habits of highly ineffective traders. If you purchase the software then I guarantee customer service will solve your connection problem. Maybe using pirated Tradestation and pirated owndata isn't the best idea for someone new.
  6. do you realize you can't get bckfill with zen and ts anyway? It's not the best combination. I was able to get it running just fine. Did you enter the symbol correctly? If you bought a legit copy of owndata then customer support should be able to troubleshoot you. If you did not then I guess you get what you pay for.
  7. do you realize you can't get bckfill with zen and ts anyway? It's not the best combination. I was able to get it running just fine. Did you enter the symbol correctly? If you bought a legit copy of owndata the customer support should be able to troubleshoot you. If you're not then I guess you get what you pay for.
  8. I use volume bar charts for my trading and for the past 2 months have been using Zen-Fire with Ninja. It's a fantastic feed. The reason I had to switch was because infinity's data was noticably incorrect as far as printing volume bars. Infinity's price was always right, it ticked away along with zenfire's but when and where their volume came in was abnormal. So I ran zenfire along side infinity and tradestation. Infinity was the odd man out hands down. On a 1000 volume bar chart infinity would give me a bunch of 'candles' that looked like this - - - meaning 1000 contracts fired of at that one price only. Granted this happens but I was getting a abnormal amount of them. ZenFire printed proper candle looking candles, body, tail, etc. And when watching the time and sales there's no way the volume bar should have printed like this " - ". Like I said, price data is spot on. Volume is definatly off and possibly tick. I use infinity AT as my trading platform and love it. They're a great crew over there. I need very reliable volume though for my charting.
  9. Good idea using the volume chart for entry. They show nicely how much volume comes in in a certain area. 2 points is awesome! Don't beat yourself up for not taking more. I used to target 2 points for the longest time until I got better at holding. Plus being able to trade more contracts allows you to scale out and get a nice runner while locking in profit at the same time.
  10. So you got long at 1 & 2? With strength in the background that was smart. Did you hold all the way intil 3 & 4? Nice work if you did.
  11. They're listed here somewhere. You'll have to do a search. I remember the code being posted in VSA I. As I recall that guy didn't use esignal. Blu-Ray also translated the code in the coding section for other software.
  12. I don't even know what everyone is complaining about? DB and Eiger aren't even against each other and I don't think their 'camps' are either. The only ones with an argument are those who are arguing. I respect DB and Eiger and have learned from both of them a great deal. Lets all try to be thankful that we have access to knowledgable people like this and not insist that the interaction be only a certain way. With as diverse and colourful of personalitis that we have here, we've got to remember we're all on the same team. Now, lets work together to better each other.
  13. Don't know where you saw that. Here's a shot of the sign-up page with the total. We were only discussing Forex data anyway. There will always be more exchange fees for everything else you add.
  14. No, forex volume will never be the same from provider to provider. It all depends which banks are reporting the transactions. There was a rumor of FX getting a central exchange. That would be great news for everybody. For now you have to seek out the best representation, the one with the most banks reporting. I think esignal is the best in that case. Tradeguider has switched over to a new integrated data feed and use realtimedata.com now for their FX data. Not sure if it's any good. If anyone tries it out it would be good to know it's quality.
  15. Not sure this is the best place to have posted that but here you go. Can't attach in PM so have to post.
  16. He doesn't actually trade all the instruments he shows. You can see he trades 1 or 2. You only need to trade one. It works. As long as your PC can run tradestation then that's all you need.
  17. This is untrue. I don't know how you set it up but it runs fine on my older P4 computer which has a shared connection. It doesn't take anymore processing than a custom indicator.
  18. I agree. I think the folks that felt intimidated posting their mixed badg of tricks in the VSA section got flamed or given a hard time way back in VSA I when it was a whole different beast. The main contributors of VSA I are long gone and there's a lot more freedom now to post openly. Whenever I post I have usually included my market profile levels, pivot points, MA's or whatever I used to setup the trade. Maybe it's best to let this baby die or retitle it "Todd Kruger crock or not" lol
  19. The one thing I never liked about Todd is that he always side stepped the 'where do I enter?' question. He wanted to educate you to a certain extent but didn't want to go as far as to show you what he does. If a mentor/teacher won't show you how they actually trade then all you get is more theory. After a while new traders need more than theory.
  20. Yes, Tom Williams also said to be very careful for the first two years so you're right about that timeline. If you were studying even to be a mechanic you'd be in school for few years plus apprenticeship. Personally I had a mentor, an actual trader, and that made all the difference in the world. You gain all their experience in a short amount of time. It's better than any course you could ever buy. True that most things fall short of people's expectations but people come into this thinking it's going to be easy and they'll make a million bucks by tuesday. Not only that they don't take the time to learn what the course taught and just jump into the next thing.
  21. I have to agree with Monad. The cost isn't that bad. Although this thread isn't necessarily for disputing things (the crock or not thread is). Since Todd's mixing it up with candles I guess it fits. I have to say I'm sort of intrigued. He doesn't market it to the nines like TG, he's not full of crap like TG, he seems to have a legit emit educational series. In the beginning, as a trader, we're looking to get things for free right? If we're not brining money in yet then we don't want to be forking it out. This is common. People want real-time data for free, you see requests all over the internet on how to do it. But there comes a time when you realize that you're getting what you've payed for. You can only get so far with free stuff, even this forum. If only 5% of people are making money then how did this forum get all of them? lol. Some folks aren't actual traders and just regurgitate what they've been told or what they theorize. Unfortunately this industry is like the weight loss industry. There's so much marketing and crap out there that we think everything must be that way. This is not true. There is a time and a place for everything. My first criteria that must be met before I continue with educational material is does this person trade and have they been successful? We know Todd traded in the past but does he still and has he been successful? We don't know that one. Last year Joel Pozen was selling his "VSA" course for $5,000. Turns out he doesn't actually trade and wasn't mentored by Richard Ney at all. If he was the real deal then it would have been worth the money but he wasn't so people got ripped off. Everyone on this forum was all horney about him saying wonderful things. So when everyone dogs on Todd Kruger we have to find out for ourselves what is true. However, he wants $40 to ship a DVD to Canada. I get the feeling he's gouging.
  22. Eiger, you're so generous with your time and knowledge. I've attached your last post on reading the background in pdf format for those who would like to print that for frequent referral. Eigers Checklist.pdf
  23. Eiger, that is the prefered technique at getting a better price but an ability to clearly see the background is needed. For those that are new this is the hardest part. Plus I've seen a 'no demand' bar followed by a 'no demand' bar followed yet again by a 'no demand' bar. One of the guys who taught me price and volume always used to say "the market can go up all day on low volume". TradeGuider is very misleading in this as well. They say always wait for confirmation (the down bar) but to never take a short on a downbar. For those new I would suggest taking the short on the downbar. At least this way you get a bit of mementum on your side to possibly get your first contract off the table. I've been much more successful this way than on the close of the potential no demand.
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