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  1. When is the Euro going to reach par with the USD? This will be an interesting day.
  2. To determine how much money is put into other traders pockets could be assumed high. It really isn't important compared to educating yourself on psychology of trading, analyzing trends, studying EAs, or news. If you study and spend the time, you might become one of those winning traders. For forex traders to have the ability to trade, they need to pay these commissions or spreads to keep the brokers operating. It is like any other business that charges fees for providing a service.
  3. Hey everyone, My name is Erik, and I have joined this website to keep learning about the forex market and to stay up-to-date with it. It is great knowing that learning about this market is a never ending mission. I believe these forums are great to see what traders are asking and what they have in store for us all. Cheers, Erik
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