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  1. I think constant lot size is safer than lot increasing EAs. But much depends how good the strategy is. It is not that every martingale fails.
  2. Most of inexperienced traders don't put stop losses or take out their stop losses because they don't want to accept the loss. Loss management is so important in trading that beginners should learn it from the starting in demo. Taken out by stop loss should not heart traders as they must need to discover what should be the sensible stop loss for their strategy in demo. Stop loss is the safety dress in the dangerous forex industry where u can make ur job done without wearing safety dress but if any accident happen u will die or will be badly injured.
  3. Enemy of the day traders is over trading. Impatience, taking profit quickly and going for trade over and over again , holding losses for long time etc are the problems are the problems I have got after observing traders.So day traders have to identify their problems and they have to know thyself so that they able to correct themselves. There is a quite from Sun Tzu , a Chinese general and author of the great book " The Art of War"----- "If you know ur enemies and know urself you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles, if u do not know know ur enemies but do know urself u will win one and lose one; if u do not know ur enemies nor urself u will be imperiled in every single battle."
  4. Sounds risky EA rather than safe. A quick one sided move will cause several sl hit. I didn't find it interesting to be honest.
  5. Hi, I am a representative of Drive Expert Advisors. We are the developers of Automated Software. Over the years we have developed many successful automated software like Drive Gold, Drive Forex Metal, Yen Drive , USD Drive etc. I have joined here to gather knowledge from experienced members and to contribute in discussion forums from my knowledge and experience. Happy Trading Drive Expert Advisors.
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