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  1. Hi guys: I started trading in the forex market for about over a year ago, during which time I have learned a lot of the market but I still consider i'm a newbie, i learn daily from the forex market.
  2. A very important aspect to consider when choosing a broker, trading platform is offered. All online brokers allow users to operate in the market easily through a trading platform, an application serves as a connection between the operator and the broker.
  3. I work part time as a sales clerk in a clothing store, if I was not a trader, I would probably be putting my career as a visual artist full time.
  4. I usually listen to music that makes me a lot of strength, courage and cool my head to make the best decisions while trading. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwQZp3s0HzM]Etta James Something's Got A Hold On Me - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Living the trading Choosing just give you a big step for readily distinguished from the fans. This decision has been provided with the means to become a successful trader.
  6. We should approach to trading, looking to enjoy every moment during our training as traders, without attempting to prove anything to anyone, and of course without attempting to beat the market.
  7. The best way to reach the success, at least in the psychological side of the financial markets is ... missing. The first experience needed to invest is the loss, failure, adversity. Having a good dose of humility, as markets but humiliate us.
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