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  1. I do not know about the USA but in the UK spread betting is a good way of circumnavigating capital gains tax which in itself is a healthy margin on top of potential profits. In regards to gambling like many of these financial products spread betting has been hijacked to some extent by the gambling industry. However in isolation it is solely a financial product that is especially worthwhile when operated through a legitimate provider such as IG or CityIndex in the UK. Then the advantages become company (and critically Spread) specific. Just my two cents :-D Valentino
  2. Hello tradingwizzard, Good to meet you too, It would be interesting to hear more about your trading background and share some insight into the murky world of trading :-) I have noticed something recently which would be good to have your view on... It seems as though many people these days are not using a diversified approach to trading, fair enough they may trade several assets (Forex, Equities etc...) but it seems that many do not trade over many instruments in order to diversify their operational risk. Have you noticed this too? What I hope to do in the coming months is build a truly diverse trading approach using this forum and my past experience, I feel this could benefit not just me but others that may be losing out or going crazy from just concentrating on one instrument! Valentino
  3. Hello I have been trading with moderate success over the last few years and have used traders laboratory for advice (as a guest). I now think it is time to become an active contributor to the forum to share ideas and gain insight. My trading history is varied to say the least, I have traded currencies, stocks, options using a variety of platforms and instruments. I have stuck with well known brokers and instruments for my trades IG Index is a favourite of mine as they tend not to screw you over too much, leaving the research and execution dictate the result of a trade! My success has been moderate (perhaps due to my varied experience?) but I now have more time to dedicate to discussing my trading life on this forum and increasing my knowledge (and profitability) along the way. I plan to contribute to various threads and look to refine my next big trading exploit with your help :-) which I hope to display on this forum. It would be good to know more of you individually over time, please feel free to contact me. Valentino
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