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  1. I too found the basic squat code to produce too many signals. Attached is code that I find more effective in some higher time frames. It is a Paint Bar. Thank you to Blue-Ray for this interesting topic. SQUAT.ELD
  2. Charts didn't want to leave my computer...:crap:
  3. IE/2 code and eplanation: http://trader.online.pl/ELZ/t-i-IE_2.html Not worth much in periods greater than 13 vs. JMA A specific note of exactly what you trade would help, but attached is SPY :60 with an 8/21 JMA crossover strategy applied. The results are not great (or good). Same for :15. The periods are not optimized, just the phases, so there still may be hope. The same strategy on BAC :60 has very good results, with solid profit every month.
  4. RM- What do you trade and in what time frame(s)? I'd be glad to post charts with an 8/21 cross. But that is a thin spread. Also, just as a general observation, non Jurik users and Hull users would benefit from a look at the IE/2 ma. It is not quite JMA, but it is worth evaluation.
  5. My view is that the pbf indicators are locked therefore inflexible except for inputs and that the indicators are simply a rehash with "extras" to make them look new. Their selections of screen shots are the very best that they'll look, and that seldom occurs. I think that for less money I'd look at some of the e-mini.com indicators ( not effective for currancy) and volatility bands (same story but great for equities and indexes).

  6. Sun, You purchased the line of indicators, why not do the comparison and post the chart?
  7. Is your intent to support this thread and its discussion of code for Jurik indicators? The periods of the MA's on the JPEG vary from 3 to 10. Not a valid comparison at all.
  8. Hey Tams- The jpegs above seem to referennce the Juriks AMA which was replaced and greatly improved by the JMA. Additionally, the inputs for the "*BP AMA", which I assume you refer to as Juriks, do not match the AMA input selections from Jurik. Could you post the code, please? Then I could verify its accuracy. Thanks!
  9. Glad to offer my opinion...why not post two charts of what you trade in the most common time frame that you use? In one sample show your existing indicators and in the second show the Jurik that you have. We can share, perhaps under a Jurik thread? Don't want to mess this one up any more than I have.
  10. Alina- Why is this code interesting? What is it supposed to be used for?
  11. Sorry for being late, but no, its not California.


    Its also not; IL.


    But I think there will be many HAL's out there.


    Maybe this might help:








    P.S.: And best wishes too!

  12. Value in order: JMA, RSX, CFB, VEL. As mentioned, with each come some additional indicators.
  13. Attached is a :15 of e-mini and a :05 e-mini. No particular indicator settings. Indicator code is open, the functions are locked. You can incorporate the code into existing indicators or strategies.
  14. Trader12345- I would suggest that you take some time to look at the Jurik site. There are many charts and examples using both the 4 major indicators and some variations. Then, if you would like to see an indicator applied to chart just let me know the symbol and time frame and I'll post it so that you can see the merits. Power555
  15. I knew a Hal9000 in california. could that be you?

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