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  1. Hi MidKnight, my problem is, that I can trade nearly any bar on any of my charts in hindsight and in real. Too many signals, some telling a different story, but, if I just would do, what my charts are telling me ... :rofl: Anyway, its about discipline and precision, well and experience too. IMO. Correct? Hal
  2. Hi Thales, I have simulated a lot during the last weeks, and I don't know, if I am confident within myself now, or not, I guess I am now, but ... Anyway, well I started to look at forex now (larger commission with smallest lots than using futures, but more freedom to move with a small account (IB (ECN like)). I went live again Friday, but just as a starter, I hope Monday will be day 1. My question is, how do you scale in (2$ up to 10$)? But I guess, you like to ask me, how I would do it!? So maybe, I can try to explain this in theory soon, and maybe in real later! But if you like like to explain this first? Regards, Hal
  3. vars: CCiValue(0),DownCT(0),UpC T(0),SDev(0),ATR(0),LHMul t(0),Denom(0),BBS_Ind(0); BTW, if these are your lines 12 and 13? The you should delete the blank (col 26 or so) between UpC and T(0). So that the result is UpCT(0) ! If I am right, it was just guessing. :rofl: Regards, Hal P.S.: Usually, without a detailed description of a problem (including code), helping is nearly impossible. And trying to help, just costs a lot of time. :helloooo:
  4. Hi, you should really post your code in a code window here. It looks like there is a syntax error in it. So without seeing your code, it ends up in guessing and wasting time.
  5. Once more just sim (6A). Yesterday I used the NQ successfully. Today the 6A. But its scalping, trend trading, maybe I will figure it out within the upcoming years. Well on sim I have usually losers too, 100 $ or 200 $ each, but well on sim, at least finally I survive a day now. Well, maybe my time is there. But this was sim scalping with 1 or 2 contracts.
  6. By accident :rofl:, I have posted my sim results there: http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/208/reading-charts-real-time-6151-18.html#post76194 Sorry, Hal
  7. LOL, two beers: wrong thread. Excuse me please. Regards, Hal P.S.: 6B is still falling as I write this.
  8. FOMC after two beers on sim. This might have nothing to do with reality, but while I traded up too three contracts, at the beginning I traded on hope or on impuls, then I've watched my charts. Well, its just sim, and my timing chart is attached. Hal
  9. Well, first ... seems to be ... :helloooo: Anyway, Hal
  10. Hi Tams, mine is without changing colors, but with bands ... :missy: Hal
  11. Hi Brown, every once in while, I have also problems with my router (its not a Netgear), from time to time (maybe every two months?!) it hangs (BTW. mine is older than 3 years). While for me its difficult to say, why your router hangs, in my case, I restart it now once every month. I have updated my routers FIRMWARE in the meantime, maybe you should consider this for your router too. Well, but two weeks ago I was in trouble, because even a restart of my router didn't worked out. After talking with my internet provider, who made it clear to me, that the problem was on my side, I found the problem: While my router thought, it was connected to the WAN via ppp0, in fact it wasn't (I saw it within the routers logfile). After connecting the router manually instead of auto after a restart, its was internally within the right state again. Since then, after setting it to auto mode again, it runs smooth again. So in my case the problem is hidden within the communication protocols used by my LAN router and my WAN router. Maybe I have to check for newer FIRMWARE again. Anyway, I just told you that, because these things can be rather strange, and a new router just might cause new (other) trouble. Best thing for you might be, if you know/find someone, who will do this for you at your home. (IMO) Regards, Hal
  12. I have scalped the 6B once more today on sim. Its was quiet boring during the doldrums, while currently its looks like something is cooking. I have attached my setup chart too (not my smaller range timing chart).
  13. Hi Thales, I think you meant 1.45.. and 1.44.. instead of ... Well, living within the EUR zone, and still owning some US $, I just hope, that you are right on the short. But I will hold my US $ position, for margin reasons, as it was planned. From my view, hopefully we will not see 1.60's again. Regards, Hal
  14. To Thales, Gabe and others, Thales its no problem at all, this thread is open for nearly everything. And its often much better to discuss a question where it appears and not on a new thread which is placed here or there. BTW. I also like the futures because its a regulated market. But sometimes I think, that these Forex accounts might be good for beginners with a very small $ amount, who would like to trade larger intraday stops. While I try to maintain very small stops with futures (max. 20 ticks on the 6B), I think at the same time, that it would be easier to just maintain a larger pivot based one. Or in other words, I have the strong feeling, that I am fooling myself with that. Anyway, I think, I have found my way now with these small stops, but I still have to prove it to myself in real. Regards, Hal
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