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  1. thanx Siuya/Larry.... I am new to trading and still in the process of gathering information before I place my first trade . I am looking at swing trading stocks & options with some automation . I am inclined to using Sierra Charts as I can do the automation using C++ . But I also like Amibroker bcoz of its look and feel . From what I understand very few option traders use either of the 2 as their trading software . I could be completely wrong here but correct me if I am wrong . As for Brokerages I know both IB & TD Ameritrade supports stocks/options trading with Sierra Charts . Are there any other brokerages where i can do both with Sierra Charts or Amibroker . What about Open E-Cry ...they do support SC but their website only talks about Futures ? Tradeking was another brokerage I was looking at but they dont seem to have an API . Larry ...which brokerage do you use for Option Trading ? thanx Vince
  2. If I need to choose a derivative to trade..which one should I choose over the other . What are the advantages , disadvantages , risk involved in each one of them especially when trading on indexes ? From wht it appears on TL..there seem to be a preference for Futures over Options . What brokerages would you recommend for either of them ? thanx Vince
  3. Hello Friends, Thanx for all your comments and advices . since the past few days I had been experimenting with 3 different TA Softwares ...Sierra Chart,Amibroker & Ninja Trader . Ninja Trader & Amibroker certainly has a better look and feel than Sierra Chart . Amibroker in particular...the charting looks highly sophasticated with tons of drag & drops . But in spite of all this I have decided to stick with Sierra Chart bcoz of 3 reasons i) The Programming Language used by Sierra Chart is C++ which I am used to . Ninja Trader uses C# which has very little in common with C++ excpet for the letter C . C# uses an object oriented structure which is very similar to Java and I hate Java ..... And I certainly dont think its worth taking the effort to learn a new language in AFL for Amibroker and also did not like the small notepad like editor which comes with it to write and compile AFL ii) I can combine excel and C++ to manipulate my data in Sierra Chart which is an added advantage iii) The online documentation for Sierra Chart is exceptional . Very informative and resourceful for beginers and developers . Only drawback is that they dont provide that in pdf . Vince
  4. uexkuell.....Correct me if I am wrong . I am under the impression that most ppl use a seperate TA Software along with IB is bcoz it has a weak charting system , not suited for Backtesing & it doesnt have a stock screener based on indicators . And also I was wondering if I could only use Sierra Charts or Ninja Trader for backtesting & stock screening only..... and implement all other automated trades on IB using C++ or Perl . Although I dont see a Perl API as such for IB ...Perl has financial modules which interacts with IB Java API .
  5. thanx Siuya ...I was looking at Sierra Charts after you recommended . Apparently they use a language derived from C++ and is probably the best available TA software if I need to code in C ++ . But how is Sierra Charts interaction with IB ? I heard that NinjaTrader & MultiCharts perform very well with IB . Do we get the same features with SierraCharts as well ? thanx in advance . Vince
  6. Hello Friends, From my research on Internet and TL... my deduction is that most of the TA Softwares use their own proprietary Coding language . I was wondering if there are any TA software/Charting tools which uses C,C++ or Perl for coding and trading strategy design . I am planning on using IB as my broker and was looking for the right TA software to use as the backend preferably which can be coded using C, C++ or Perl . thanx in advance . Vince
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