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  1. That's a great website. Yesterday I watch a game between two traders. During the last i can't decide who is going to win- it is a tough. Good thing I found in this game- there is no spread.:missy:
  2. if you want consistent profit then you will need to have consistent system to trade otherwise if you trade with a poor system then you will be able to make tons of losses and no profits :haha:
  3. Texas is also my favourite game. I love to play it. But I like trading also very much- this seems interesting forex hold'em tournament. Mr black plz share where you play orex hold'em tournament everyday. am interested to get in
  4. Nowadays am in a trading game- competing against other trader in some 1on1 or tournament games. I find this one more profitable and interesting than trading with a broker.:haha:
  5. Normally this depend on trader mind and trader account that how much he can losses for his trade. I think 30 pips stop loss is good for a trader. Stop loss in Forex market always save a trader money. :haha: I think stop loss is good in Forex market.
  6. I am really feel so much enjoy when i am learning about forex trading when i am getting profit and i feel enjoy when i got losses also because from every losses i can learn many real things related forex trading that's why every moment i feel enjoyable in forex. The most I enjoyed is when I trade against other trader and I defeat them.It really fun,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:missy:
  7. Exactly there is no shortcut method in trading. You have to use your trading skills in the best possible way. I can help by sharing my strategies of trading. Before I burned my accounts and decided to shift into a different approach of trading. I find it totally challenging and profitable to compete with traders in the world. It is a very nice website quite unique -trade1on1. I find the rules very easy to learn and with a little bit of practice, you'll be meeting and beating players from all over the world in no time at all! 1.Players agree upon a real amount of money that goes into a common pot. 2.Each player gets a virtual amount of $100,000 for trading. 3.When the time's up, the player with the highest return on his virtual portfolio wins the real money in the Pot. Open a demo first , Start practice then you can go for real:helloooo:
  8. One way of good forex trading is to take things slow, get rich slow, remember slow and steady wins the race, its good to take time and invest in skills as you grow your account bit by bit instead of hurry that leads to a margin call.
  9. I don't consider myself as a perfect trader but may be in near future. I am continue learning forex and working on my mistakes. I am taking tips from experienced traders- try to compete with them to get their strategies in some free trading games as well to improve my trading. So if you consider yourself as perfect, you can have a challenge with me? I give you the options to create your own game- what you like forex , commodities and indices and your time period and your specific money to challenge me. Decide and Good luck:cool:
  10. I think that the best way is to join a forex game and compete with other trader in the world. Prove yourself who is the best trader. or you can join a contest- some sort of tournament in forex I think this is a great place where we do not risk anything but we have chance to win trading money.
  11. I must say Jack- after looking at your post- this has motivated me to go through it.This is quite a pretty idea and looks very interesting to trade against a friend or other trader. They allow me to play in demo mode or can play in real mode by probably depositing money into the account. I enjoys the tournament game the most- everyone with the visions to win the game-I can feel the thrill when I see the equity rising,,,,,,,very nice Let me see where it leads me.
  12. Does this exit in forex? contest for 2 people only. i don't believe this or is this a joke. I never heard this before. And what is this virtual trading -$100K that each one gets. I don't understand this game. Be more clearer on this
  13. I want to make huge money in forex but I don't know the actual method of earning huge money online in forex. Most of my friends suggest me to go for trade1on1. they said to me'- you wont believe it! i made so much money bla bla ...................... Is that true- Did anyone here made it? If you know about that please share your opinion here.
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