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  1. lol, this is funny. Trading is addicting when I make good trades, other times not so much.
  2. I recommend this technical stock screener and finviz for swing traders. I have been using them for quite a while now and they are great.
  3. these are nice tips, I think the most important thing is to control your emotion.
  4. very good advice, beginners should learn to trade and not focus on make money. When you trade well, money will come naturally.
  5. If you are a beginner, why not start by paper trading for longer, and then when you gain more experience, then move on to real trading.
  6. There are many strategies that would work, but it is the discipline that differentiates the winners and the losers. When I first started trading, I follow some strategies and was losing money, and now I'm basically using the same strategies with disincline and I'm making money. I use support and resistance and whenever a stock I like make a breakout with strong volume, I enter the trade with a stop loss.
  7. Yah, although I swing trade, some stocks are to be hold for the long term like GOOG.
  8. I just use support and resistance combine with double tops and double bottoms to spot top and bottom.
  9. I use MACD crossover along with candlestick patterns to generate buy signals.
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