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  1. Sorry did not want to include the stock symbol here, so we can have pure technical based responses. It would be nice to put some thoughts and then we will see where the stock moves and why it moved there and how was our analysis spot on or incorrect. Please see attached ..
  2. Do virtual trading until you feel comfortable. Trade with small portion of your overall portfolio.
  3. But by the time you get a confirmation from MACD... is it not too late of an entry point?
  4. When one wants to swing trade, there are multiple ways to confirm or at least establish some confidence over your decision as to when to enter the market. Can anyone give an example of where they are seeing this play out? -Thank you
  5. Hello traders, Need your views on which one of these technical indicators is more effective when your holding time is between 3 to 4 months? If it is a combination of both, thn at what stage one should enter or exit a particular stock? Please attach chart examples if it helps to explain. -Thanks... Happy Trading !!
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