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  1. Have you critically evaluated your trading performance in 2012? What strategies worked for and against you? What mistakes did you make and what wise decisions increased your net worth? Well, if you have walked back into the trading arena without looking back at your performance in 2012 then you most probably will make similar if not worse mistakes. Trade differently this year by making feasible and achievable resolutions that will guide your trading. Here are some of the resolutions I have made: 1. Start by improving your personal life The benefit of having an all round life is that it will reflect positively in your trading behavior, and eventually in the profits that you will make. This year, plan your time well, be objective, disciplined and stopping wasting time on things that do not really matter. If you start on a project, complete it. 2. Stick to a trading method that has worked for you, but at the same time, learn new strategies Many traders struggle to make money because they try to apply all strategies they know at the same time. It may help you better if you stick to one strategy all year round and not jump from one strategy to another. Try and specialize in one trading area and teach others how to succeed in it too.  3. Set a time limit for trading Spending too much time watching charts may end up being counterproductive. Set an adequate amount of time that will be productive and enough for you to watch your charts and make good trading decisions. Too much screen time has led to hypnotism of some traders which has resulted in them in making trades that are not really valid. However, you can spend as much time as you would like increasing your general investor knowledge. 4. Keep it simple- think less, analyze less, but take action Humans tend to complicate many things including trading. Keep to one strategy that will guide you to victory. Remove all kinds of unnecessary clutter from your charts that tend to blur your decision making. Do not spend too much time analyzing as this may complicate and eventually confuse you. KEEP IT REAL. HAPPY 2013
  2. Hello, Many say that FOREX is an addiction. There was an interesting article some time back in the The wall Street journal titled "You Snooze, You Loose". It shed some light on forex trading and didn't hesitate to mention that currency trading is a 24 hour beast. Night trading has been on the increase over the past decade. Investors who night trade try to cash in on any information that may be received during the 'night'. There is a large number of night traders as it allows investors with day jobs to play the markets at their height. Another reason for the increase in night trading is that after-hours stock trades can be better because orders will get executed at the price you want or better, which is not always the case during the day. All in all, it is recommended that if one is a beginner, a struggling trader, or if one doesn't have a lot of time each day to devote to trading, night trading may be the best place to start out. This will give the investor time to study the day charts before making any decisions. Do you have any strategies for night trading?
  3. :helloooo: As a forex trader, should I be worried about the recent fiscal cliff? What effects will it have on the dollar? Who can accurately predict the fluctuations that will take place in the currency? Should we continue to hold our money in USD or should we look for alternative currencies like the Chinese Yuan or the Sterling Pound?
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