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  1. OptionsRules

    Weekly Options

    Yes you are right, it is just a matter of perspective:) I think from a trading psychology perspective it is much better to win 8 out of 10 times then only profit 2 out of 10 but then big time. But this is subjective and very personality driven thing. I always say everybody has to accept their trading personality and based on that create the strategies.
  2. Trading options on futures is a very high return on your investment, but you need high margins as well. If the position goes against you and you are naked you need at least 2-3 times the original initial margin that you have put up.
  3. I am mainly trading with NG futures options and I love the way it pays in terms of credit/margin ratios. It is also true that NG is a "bit" volatile so you really have to have some kind of adjustment strategies in place to protect your portfolio. I would love to work in that pit man, so good to have you here...
  4. Hi, I am using thinkorswim as the best options trading platform out there. You can also use a free software for analysis purposes only which is called Options Oracle. You are right it is very important which software you use for trading. br, Gery
  5. OptionsRules

    Weekly Options

    Hi, I am also selling option on index products but mainly on futures because they have a much higher credit/margin ratios... I agree, you need to employ some form of adjustment strategies to protect your portfolio. But what I love about selling naked premium is the % of chance that I win. It is more consistent than trying to pick the market directions all the time:) Best regards, Gery
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