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  1. Hello, I currently work on the floor of the NYMEX in energy options and am looking to expand my knowledge, contacts (and book ) within the energy markets. I'm a young guy eager to become successful in this industry. The firm I work for can excecute all options trades on the floor with the 4 energy markets: Crude options- LO (symbol) Heating Oil options-OH Natural Gas options-ON RBob Gasoline options- OB The company I work for is in a great position near the pits and if any quotes throughout the trading day or service is needed, I can personally help you out by adding you to our Yahoo messenger or AOL IM (where you can see the markets or size trades in live time) or exchanging phone numbers for more personal contact. Thanks If anyone has any questions on how things work on the floor as opposed to OTC, please leave a reply. Thanks again Brian
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