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  1. Hello, I wonder if anyone has experience with tradersaccounting.com. I'm looking for a CPA, who is familiar with traders' tax. Thanks, Jazz
  2. jazz

    Weekly Options

    Hello there, I've been carefully trading weekly options for the past 6 weeks. I was probably lucky, but I couldn't be happier with the results. I was mainly selling index options premium on the day before or of the day of expiration. I was wondering anyone who can recommend a book about weekly options that are practical. Happy trading, Jasmine
  3. Hi TheNegotiator, I understand how you feel. Because of the rumor, I didn't want to take short trades even though my charts set up for a short term pull back. I want to be aware of current events, news, etc., but sometimes those can be hindrance. Cheer, Jazz
  4. Welcome Indextrader7! I'll be looking forward to your trading recaps. Trading is lonely at times. It's good to have a group of like minded people. Jasmine
  5. Hi Goldfish, I think I finally resolved the delayed data issue. I'm not sure how you connect your data providers. After setting both Kinetick and Zen-Fire connections at the start up and using the other providers as a back up data provider when you set up the account connection. I disabled Zen-Fire for historical data (not sure if this is critical). I now get real time charting for both equities and futures. I guess you won't know unless you unsubscribe the futures data from Kinetick, then try this. It might be worth trying as you may save some recurring expense. Hope this help. Jazz
  6. Hi Goldfish, I will check those out. I agree candle sticks are formed better on min charts than tick charts. I often look at 5 min charts as well as my 3 tick charts. Thanks, Jazz
  7. Hi avir4tg, Thanks for the comment. I was looking for trading books to read. I will definitely check out your recommendation. Thanks! Jazz
  8. Hi Steven, Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. When I trade FDAX, I trade 1 contract. Since it's volatile and its ATR is above 130, I found 1 contract is enough for me. I think that one can make a living trading 1 FDAX contract. I normally trade up to first 2 hours. I haven't tried trading European futures during the US market hours. Maybe I should try that. As for time frame, I use 3 tick charts: 100, 300, and 900 tick charts. I tried 200, 600, and 1800 tick charts, but former tick chart set works better for me. I use some of common indicators: MA, MACD, BB, & Stoch. My charts signaled a pull up last Friday, so I will be a short seller on any strength given that there's any significant news as news triumphs the technical analysis. I also trade FESX if charts set up nicely. I normally trade 8 contracts at a time, but trading FDAX is cost effective. Since FESX has more volume, I use 200, 600, and 1800 tick charts. Due to the latency, trading European futures market is hard for me. I'm in California. I've been trading 6A and 6E after US market closes as someone suggested on the forum. Cheers, Jazz
  9. Yes, they made me feel like I don't know what I'm talking about. I only use Zen-Fire after US market close when I trade futures markets. I'm going to send an email to NinjaTrader about that and will let you know if I find any solutions. Happy trading! Jazz
  10. Hi Goldfish, Thanks! I noticed the delay data feeds when using Zen-Fire and Kinetick together. I told Mirus futures about that, but doesn't seem to get it. I should talk to NinjaTrader rather... I just opened an account with Mirus futures. I've been paper-trading ES after hours. I agree that FDAX is definitely not for beginners. Thanks, Jazz
  11. Thanks Qiman. I will check those out too.
  12. Hi there, I wanted to extend my trading hours, so I tried Eurex (FDAX and FESX) for about one week now. However, their trading hours are not quite suitable for me as I'm in California, USA. I read a few threads about trading Asian index futures. If you're trading Asian futures, could you please share your experience about Asian futures brokers (OEC vs IB vs NH futures), data feed (eSignal vs IB vs OEC vs NH futures vs CQG), etc.? I use NinjaTrader for charting. Also, which one is most liquid and volatile? Thanks, Jazz
  13. Hi Vlad, Good job. I don't normally trade for first 10-15 min of trading hours. I use tick charts (200, 600, & 1800). I got in at 5646 at around 23:55 (PST) and got out at 5724 at around 00:24 (PST) this morning. All papertrade though... I guess I could have stayed. It ran up nicely. I wonder how do you prepare your trade daily. I'm in USA and never traded European market before. I read Eurex newsletters and check out economic calendar. I'm still fine tuning my trading method. Cheer, Jazz
  14. That's my plan this Monday. Thanks. Have a good weekend. Jazz
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