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  1. Hi Tim, the name sounds familiar (Peter Reznicek) so that's probably correct. I'm not a pairs trader and haven't kept up with their webinars on the subject, but their crew seem like stand-up guys that know their stuff.
  2. The broker I use (ThinkOrSwim) has a guy that does some webinars on pairs trading; you can go through his archives here: Pairs Trader Archives BTW.... if you ever type in the url please note that this is .net not .com ( I've seen some very bad reviews about the folks at the .com domain and I don't want you to mistake the two).
  3. I think one of the reasons this business is so fascinating is that you are always learning and trying to answer questions so I wouldn't despair over this. Just from my personal experience, I think new traders tend to set themselves up to lose by investing all their time and energy ( and money! ) in looking for the strategy that is a %100 winner. Forget it, it doesn't exist, the future can never be known. For me, I turned the corner when I took a disciplined approach to a high-probability strategy.
  4. Provided you did not misunderstand their claims - anyone that promises 81% profit per hour is blowing smoke up your skirt. :smoking: If you have limited resources, why don't you just get some books from the library, do some online research, open a micro account and see if you can turn $100 into $200? If you can't go from $100 to $200 you aren't going to go from $1000 to $2000.
  5. Tell me about it. I have my alarm clock set to 1:30 AM (London opens 2:00 AM my time). But, while I would prefer to work normal (local) hours, I find that the London session and the London/US overlap provide the best opportunities to catch substantial EUR/USD moves. My dream is to move to Dublin so that I can give up my 'vampire hours', drink good beer, and chase redheads.
  6. I saw this documentary about six months ago, let me see if I remember correctly; one guy lost his shirt and went back to clerking, one was so drunk they had to give him subtitles, one decided to go live in the woods, and another was convinced that computers were trying to kill him in his sleep. Thank God for Linda Raschke. She came on right when I was so depressed I was ready to go into the bathroom and slit my wrists. Out of the whole movie, she was the only one that seemed really confident, successful, and happy to be trading. I remember thinking, "Geeze, the only person in this documentary with a set of nuts is the little blonde girl." And I really liked her comment about social Darwinism. Glad I saw the documentary, but I'll never watch it again - unless I have a handful of xanax.
  7. You can download Technical Analysis A to Z. Also, I liked Technical Analysis by Charles D. Kirkpatrick and Julie R. Dalquist. I mention this book because the authors are very objective in evaluating the effectiveness of different indicators.
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