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  1. Did you find this on the forums, or somewhere else?
  2. I think you are talking about a retest of those area that are broken. IE support become resistance. I use this theory and concept a lot with APA Zones as it draws out the levels to watch then when it break a new level is formed anew and a flip-flop happens.
  3. That's cute! Thanks NinjaTrader for the laugh.
  4. Yeah, I like it too. It's good for S/R on the small timeframes and supply/demand on the larger ones. The thing that I think is the best is the fact that it gives you the area where the turn is expected. The market is dynamic and we have to be dynamic. Price doesn't always turn on a line but making it an area really turned my trading around. They even have trading plans and videos from other traders then the creator. I just think that's really cool.
  5. I agree with you DbPhoenix. And I would like to also point out that that watching your time of day with supply and demand zones is very important too. Using supply and demand zones with price action confirmation and time confluence is so amazing!
  6. I believe this is an important aspect to all trading not just Forex. Risk management and accepting that you when you loss it won't break the bank but it's just an expense of doing business. We are all wrong at some point during the day in this business even the guys that make six figures in a day!
  7. They just tend to be the inverse of the US indexes. I really wouldn't say there's a leading marketing of them that I know of. If you want to do spreads that's another subject all together. But once you know how to truly trade Price Action and support/resistance(supply/demand) It's pretty much just like trading any other market. Every market has it's little quark but that's how it goes. Futures trading and bonds are wonderful, but no matter what market you chose to watch make sure you have a general idea on what's happening in Forex, futures, and equities(or indexes). Never forget the big picture!
  8. thanks Joshdance I will look into that. Haven't heard of that program before!
  9. Here's the basic idea that I use when looking at trends, as well as if I'm going to do a trend reversal trade or a trend following trade. Knowing which one to use is extremely important. I know a lot of zone traders tend to be just reversal traders. So hopefully these videos help with that a little. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2cAXvUB4p0]APA Zones Basic Zone Assessment - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhvXzMGbuwU]APA Zones Assessment 2 - YouTube[/ame]
  10. I will post some videos for you and you are more then welcome to come hang out with all of us Zone traders in the APA Zones community!
  11. Hey Derutrade, The way that I see and trade it is to always look for timeframes of confluence. the 5 min timeframe alone is not enough to hold price. but when we have a 30,15, 5min time frame in confluence and maybe a 377 tick zone or something small to really give you a nice tight stop. That's how you can really "bring home the bacon!" When you have so many time frames in confluence it's what I consider a trend reversal trade. So you are really excepting for price to bounce and give you a good trade! Many zone traders tend to start out as reversal traders which is good and bad. Smaller stops, good RR, but everything seems like a reversal at the beginning. The other way to approach it is to use the zones for trend following. This is where I use the 5min as my highest timeframe with my 377tick and perhaps another small time frames to get me in a trend move. On the ES, watch these trades closely and move your stop up to BE +1 after 10 ticks or so. You want to lock in and at least pay for your trade so that way it's a "free trade" so that no matter what happens you make money and your brain stops stressing out! Another suggestion: Please consider watching the Euro(6E,EC) and the NQ or YM. The ES is the choppiest. Unless you really know what's going on you will get chopped out. Looking at the 5min chart on the ES causes me to see zones everywhere and can really lead to overtrading the zones quickly. Hope this helps to get you profitable from the get go. You can also join a group of zone traders on skype. Let me know if you want in. Here's a little simple video that will hopefully help you a little bit. Yes, trading is completely a probability game! You have to take every setup that matches your rules. Trading will always be hard though. Simple rules help. http://apazones.com/wp-content/uploads/TLQA.mp4
  12. That is very true! No system can account for everything. But zones theory can account for 90% + from my personal experience.
  13. Hey Gabe2004, I would like to help you out a little bit if you would like. Please look me up on Skype and I'll give you an hour of my time. We can go over any zone theory questions or inconsistencies that you would like to have answered. I really believe in zone theory and it works so well and more often then not it will be able to answer the "why" behind the market's movement. It does take some time to understand and get the logic. I have met a lot of OTA people because of my appoach on software and for the newer ones it really can be HARD. Yet, I also trade with OTA/zone people that are making 30k+ a month. Just let me know if you would like to talk and if you would like to be in that live trade room! PM or skype. Trading can be simple, but it is always hard! We all have our own worst enemy inside our head all the time.
  14. Thanks Tradewind for your input. The struggle for me is trend verse counter-trend. I am a counter-trend trader by heart. That's what I love. It works for me. I've been forcing myself a little more to take trend moves more. Buying and selling pullbacks, the rub isn't looking left which I can spot a reversal candle pattern no problem! It's just...... getting to caught up in smaller time frames I think. I also have a few people on my back watching the lower time-frames really hard as I trade live makes me fret. It's personal problem I think being in-front of people. I've been trading live in-front of people now for about a month. It's so much harder! I have no problem hitting a screen record button before a trade goes... but there's something about having people watching me....interacting with me while trading. I think that's my issue. Going to go to my trading psychologist. It's time she earned another check. Sorry for the disjointedness, this post has really made me think about what I am really wrestling with.
  15. I totally agree with you and from my observations and trading with zones. Here's what's going on. Sam sees this area as being tested 5+ times. That would be a gray zone on APA zones as well. We really expect that area would be used up if you are looking at that one monthly time frame chart. However, we always have to consider multi-timeframes in our analysis. So you can see that there was still support in that area at the very bottom, and I'm willing to bet that you could even find a zone down there on a daily, 4 hour chart or smaller time frame. So while that zone has been hit a lot. If it goes that far into the zone, and then comes back out. Take the confirmation trade as it comes back out!!!! Or better yet jump into a tend trade by buying a pullback from a smaller timeframe demand zone that it creates as it comes out of the zone. So that way you don't have to put a monthly level worth for a stop loss. That's just how I look at zones that have been retested a lot. No, you don't know what's going to happen in the future but if the zone there why not. Nobody is right 100%. A confirmation trade is also a very strong trade. I think that's why he might not have answered is because the 1st retest is always the best and that's all we can really count on for GREAT small loss/high reward trades. The other thing is he might not have see the R/R ratio there. I like a 5:1 ratio at least. If you don't see it, then pass on the trade. It's always better to stay out then get into some trade that your like "we'll see how this goes". Don't trade those trades. Look at price action; look at support becoming resistance; watch multi-timeframes for confluence. Just my two cents on what happened.
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