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  1. I just finished "The Playbook" from Mike Bellafiore. I have to say it was a real eye opener for me.
  2. Here is the thing, the chit-chats around the updating of MT4 platform are everywhere. Some say that it will be turned to MT5 and all our EA will be screwed. Others say that it is nothing to worry about. So far I found only one article on this topic and not really sure if I have to trust it. Does anybody knows anything?
  3. I have a boxing bag in the apartment, so i always can throw away some testosterone.
  4. I think that the only similarity in poker and trading is the mindset in the terms of money management. You need to know where to stop. Because market never bluffing:missy:
  5. I am not a full time trader. My day job is translations. I love to learn new languages and i currently speak 5. So, probably, without forex i'd have a time to learn one more:roll eyes:
  6. I would say that 10% of account is max lot size you can trade with. In casual trading it is much more less.
  7. When you dial with unknowable there is always room for magic!
  8. Luck smiles to the winner. There is always factor X which make strong impact. No metter how good you are in trading, how good you strategy, EA and Broker! You always need some LUCK!
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