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  1. This journal has ground to a halt due to lack of time and commitment. Work and family has left none spare, so I may as well just put a full stop here.
  2. ... lol wow how anal weird are you? .....the 'usual' response? Sorry have I stuck a candlestick somewhere it won't shine? I think what you need to know is that you're a presumptuous twit, good luck with that.
  3. How do you know I haven't? I don't see the problem in asking for references, the poster said he'd seen some research about these patterns. I'd like to look at it too if that's all right by you?
  4. :rofl: ..... it's like a veil has been lifted :rofl: ....philosophically? did he? I think he might have had better luck looking at it metaphorically.
  5. I was going to write more about this article and then I thought what a waste of time. If you have "thanked" for this article you need to go and stand in the corner and think about what you have done..... :rofl: ...c'mon please, get it together guys this is lamentable.
  6. ....call me a cynical old barstool...... but...... I bet you're not.
  7. Awesome Tams....... and I don't sling that word around lightly.
  8. Rock & Roll Thursday....... Got long USDJPY 78.25..... want to please try and hang on......pretty please Short CAD @ 1.0040.... f@uk I love these ones, no pissing about. S&P wtf!!! yesterday it was buried, today we're off to the moon!!
  9. RealDemo


    I'm looking for 78.25's area to get long. They're getting crafty.... Japan MOF data confirms 'stealth' intervention in Oct-Dec | Reuters
  10. RealDemo


    BOJ left rates unchanged but increased asset buying fund from Yen55 trln to Yen65 trln, all to be spent on JGBs. They also introduced a 1% policy inflation target. USDJPY breaking up through a very old TL, maybe this is a bottom.
  11. I should have chosen to watch some paint dry today, it would have been a thrill in comparison to this market. Got squeezed out of a cable short @5796 early trying to fade something that wasn't in a fading mood. USDJPY breaking 77.51 range low now, might look for a retest short there but it's a bit late in the day for me.
  12. RealDemo


    What's happening in June?
  13. Japan, 11 months after: Incredible Before & After Pictures: See How Japan Has Rebuilt In 11 Months
  14. Been on a bit of a thinking holiday. Thunk a lot. Forex, it's like a greased eel. Back at it next week to cast my hook into the waters.
  15. You stumbled upon the book you wrote....... please if you're going to spam us treat us with some degree of intelligence. :spam: I brought the book..... it's a piece of shit...... happy?
  16. RealDemo


    Nice trade OB, the SNB can relax their trigger finger for a bit. Interested to know why you chose that level.
  17. RealDemo


    ..... funny old world init..... I've got an order in at 1970. I've taken their declaration of 1.20 a bit more generally.
  18. London on the hard sell today. I took the option of trading this USD index again short as it failed to hold on to the swing high on the 4hourly. Exited at channel low, ADR very high and ADP news, could drop more obviously but I've got my generous slice so I'm out till the next time.
  19. RealDemo


    Just wondering if any FX traders out there, have, or are thinking about putting on trades in pairs where the risk of intervention is high at the moment. EURCHF and USDJPY are obviously the two launch pads in question. The SNB have been barking on about defending 1.20, the JCB are rather more mercurial.
  20. Quite like the idea of trading a Dollar index, this one turned out nice and reversed in it's channel.
  21. ...... yeah they are all scum, every last blood sucking one of them.
  22. I think you may be over simplifying things with platitudes, but I get your point and appreciate your comment. Trading is a performance activity, we can't learn from our mistakes if we don't care about them.
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