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  1. This message will sound offensive, but I really don't care. Your friend is terribly careless and dumb. 1. You never give someone money without doing serious due diligence. 2. It also makes absolutely no sense to hire a financial professional in a different country to manage his money. 3. He obviously has no idea the risk level about trading. When you give money for someone to trade, you need to mentally prepare to lose it all. It's even funnier for you to try to help him and treat him as a victim. This is his tuition fee to learn not to be stupid in life. With all your efforts to help and your sympathy, he must feel that it's that bad trader's fault. To me, the enabler is the one should be blamed and face his own responsibility. Suing?! You give the guy license to kill...he didn't kill it in the market...but he killed your client's money. That's that. If the trader did make 100% a year, can the trader sue your client to take over the winning? Of course not. It's a fair game.
  2. Hello guys, I have a quick question. Currently I am using Tradestation to trade ES futures and happy with it. I came across a trader friend of mine who uses Think Or Swim to trade. He said that there is no data feed fee at all. Right now I am paying close to 3k a year to trade on Tradestation. What's the real downside of Think Or Swim? Please advise. Thank you.
  3. We will just have to agree to disagree. I can see where you are coming from. However, in life and in business, you got one chance to make a first impression. With their agressive and snake oil marketing tactics and my own personal purchase experience, it will be hard for me to change my mind about them. There is very little doubt that they are very smart people and great capitalists. They teamed up with Clayburg for system trading and get Carolyn Boroden the fib queen to be listed along with them to share marketing expense and create synergy for profits. However, my impression is and always will be that they care about their business and profits first while us little traders' success second. I am glad that you had a good experience with them and I hope they continue to deliver.
  4. Just tell me after watching this ad from them, you don't think they are snake oil salesmen. Jan Live Trading Webinar $240,000 in 3 days. Heck... Easy money and easy new trading capital from them.
  5. After spending almost 4k on John Clayburg's "universal system" and totally wasted my money, I swore to myself that John Carter's group will never get another dime out of me. There are plenty of great programmers who don't mind contributing their expertise on this website.
  6. Hello all to your expert tradestation programmers, I have another request if you are willing to assist me. I would like to see a horizontal line that represents today's pivot. Pivot is (high + low + close)/3. Since price continues to move, this horizontal line should move along with the market. Let's use ES.D as an example. On Friday at 10:30 AM EST, ES closed at 1205.25. At that time, the high of the day was 1210.25 and the low of the day was 1201.25. Therefore, a horizontal line should be drawn at (1210.25 + 1201.25 + 1205.25)/3 ~ = 1205.50. Let's say at 3:30 pm EST. ES closed at 1211. ES has made new high before 3:30 pm at 1212.25. Therefore, that line would have risen throughout the day and draw at (1212.25 + 1201.25 + 1211)/3 ~ = 1208 at 3:30 pm EST. The purpose of this indicator is to indentify the bullishness or the bearishness of the market. In fact, if it's possible, it will be super sweet to paint the horizontal line green when the price is trading above this ever changing pivot line and paint it red when the price is trading below this pivot line. Also for another trading purpose, more often than not, price tends to go up or go down to today's pivot towards the close. If this line is drawn, as a trader, I can look for this trade in the afternoon. Please advise. Thank you. Jumbo
  7. Jumbo123

    Half Gap

    No need to thank me. You are the kind hearted programmer who contributes your time and skills for the trading community. Some snake oil salesman probably charges a couple of hundred dollars for this indicator.
  8. Can this code be used for tradestation? If not, is there any real time market profile for intra day trading?
  9. Hello forum, I am a fairly new trader and I am in the phase of investigating methods of trading. W.D. Gann apparently was one of the greatest traders EVER. However, his methods and theories aren't very easy to find. I suppose that he purposely made it that way. Can someone please tell me where I can search online to find information about his methods? Thank you.
  10. Jumbo123

    Half Gap

    Tams, your half gap indicator was a GREAT help for me for two days now. Yesterday the market traded down to half gap before rallying. Today the market bought up to half gap before dumping. Both days I took profits on my half gap fill. Thank you so much again.
  11. Thank you Tams. So this red line will change in a daily basis, right? Thanks again!
  12. Ok Tams, Please see the attachment. ES closed at 63.25 last Friday. It opened at 67 this morning. That means half gap fill is at 65.125. I rounded it up to 65.25. As soon as the market opens, a horizontal line should be drawn based on yesterday's close and today's open to show where the half gap fill is. Today is a perfect example that the market went down to fill the half gap and started to rally. Please advise. Thank you.
  13. I did. I typed in Gap Fill, but I couldnt find any. I will keep looking though. Please...if you are a programmer, please assist. Thank you.
  14. Hello everyone, I have a small favor to ask for those of you who are very good at easy language. I do not have any programming experience and would like to see if any of you programmers may assist me. I like to see if you can code a half gap fill indicator that displays a horizontal line with text of HG or Half Gap Fill based on yesterday's 4:15 close and today's 9:30 open. Please advise. Thank you very much in advance. With warm regards, J
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