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  1. Thanks for answering. I would consider it reckless of me not to place stops. I've never had a stop in place that wasn't executed when it was hit, so I was just wondering if "blowing by a stop" is something that happened more often than I thought.
  2. Please clarify, to blow stops means: you placed a stop, it was reached but it wasnt executed so price continued against you? you had a stop in mind but failed to take action?
  3. I find it helpful to annotate the traverse. Then, by comparing the results of the sym-lateral which occurs at point 3 confirmation of tape 1, tape 2and tape 3 of the traverse, the difference is apparent.
  4. Re: Spyder lateral drill Maybe oversimplified, but in the 3 cases of a lateral formed from a sym pennant, no matter from which direction price enters the formation, price changes direction inside and exits in the dominant direction.
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